Wednesday, October 19, 2005


It appears that the meltdown of the Bush/Cheney administration has finally and truly begun. Everyday now brings forth new information and more questions that need to be answered. It is claimed that in 2003 Bush admonished Rove because of his participation in leaking Plame's name. He was said to be quite upset, not over the leak, but because of the clumsy way Rove and others went about it. If this is true it means that not only McClellan lied, but Bush himself lied when he said he did not know who was involved.

It has now also been claimed by someone in the White House that the story that Rove did not come clean with Bush is not true and was floated merely as an initial attempt to protect Bush (this seems to me quite plausible).

I read somewhere today that Fitzgerald has already made a deal with one of the White House insiders to help him with his investigation. Apparently he sent a letter to Hannah, second in command to Libby, I believe, threatening indictment if Hannah did not cooperate, and Hannah has agreed to cooperate. There is no telling where this may lead.

DeLay's lawyers have no case against the prosecutor and DeLay has been ordered to appear in Texas to be booked and fingerprinted, precisely what he was desperately trying to avoid. Perhaps it will turn out there is justice after all.

Miers, it turns out, has a record of being opposed to abortion, except to save a mother's life. But she insists no one knows how she would vote on Roe vs Wade. Yeah, I believe it, just like I believe Bush/Cheney who have never told the truth about anything, ever.

Hilary claims she talks tough on the "war" in Iraq and the necessity for more troops because no woman could possibly become president without looking tough. I guess she expects the insiders to believe this. I don't believe it. And I won't support any pro-war candidate. Hilary is just another Republican lite, sitting on the Board of Directors of Wal Mart. It's early yet but at the moment it looks to me that we may have to draft Gore who is the only viable candidate who has been against the war and the Bush/Cheny disaster from the beginning, and also by far the most well informed and experienced candidate for president one could even imagine. Of course he'd be a fool to take it on unless he could get every democrat in the country to swear in blood they would support him (because the mess left by Bush/Cheney can't be cleaned up with anything less).

By the way, things are going real well in Iraq, aside from the civil war and the predictable complaints about the "election."

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