Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Talk about hubris!

Soon to not be Secretary of State Colin Powell announced on nation-wide television that the United States finds the results of the Ukrainian election “unacceptable.” One might well ask, since when does an election by a sovereign nation half a planet away have to be acceptable to the United States? This is imperial arrogance carried to such an extreme as to be laughable, even comical, were it not so serious. The fact that the recent U.S. election is not very acceptable to virtually the entire world apparently escapes these morons. Furthermore, the hypocrisy involved is mind boggling. It is apparently not acceptable because there were irregularities in the election process. Do I even have to continue on this theme? What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that the candidate who won was favored by the Russians, whereas the candidate who lost, but that we wanted to win, is favored by the United States. Think of what would happen if the Russians said that the results of a Canadian election were unacceptable to them. And we wonder why everyone hates us.

Then there is the question of war crimes. It seems that an American soldier was caught on film shooting a wounded unarmed Iraqi. This is something that most probably happens everyday in Iraq but rarely gets captured on film. In any case, there is now this fuss about it being a war crime and the soldier is being investigated, etc., etc. This is somewhat on a par with the Abu Ghraib scandal where a few lower echelon soldiers are being scapegoated to cover up for the crimes of their leaders, crimes that can be traced all the way to the Pentagon and the White House. I do not mean to say that war crimes of this nature should not be investigated and punished. However, it seems to overlook the fact that the whole GOD DAMN “WAR” AGAINST IRAQ IS ITSELF AN ABSOLUTELY MONUMENTAL WAR CRIME!! As horrible as Abu Ghraib and the killing of an unarmed civilian are, they pale into insignificance when seen against the backdrop of the “war” itself, a “war” I remind you that was and is illegal, unconstitional, totally immoral, and worst of all, UNNECESSARY.

Now that the hicks out there in Jesusland have been shamelessly exploited by our Corporate Masters perhaps they will come to their senses and realize that there is more to worry about in the world than gay marriage and abortion. But don’t bet on it. They really are pretty ignorant and seem to be determined to stay that way.

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