Monday, November 22, 2004

Psychopaths and the Lord's work

Fallujah is an absolute shambles as a result of our all-out attack of recent days. But today I saw an article that spoke with pride about the fact that we have already moved in people to completely rebuild it. Does that really make sense to anyone? The argument, of course, if there truly is one, has to do with destroying the resistance base. But it is obvious that the resistance for the most part moved on to other cities even before the attack began. And, furthermore, even according to our own Generals, it is obvious that as the city is rebuilt the resistance will move back in. In a city of 300,000 people, with not enough troops to secure it, how on earth would anyone keep the resistance out? Victory here is called INSANITY. There can be no doubt that for every Iraqi killed two or three more will take their place.

According to what I have read today, some of the Generals have said they will need more troops – as many as 50,000 more. But Rumsfeld claims he has not received any requests for more troops. Someone would appear not to be telling the truth. Or else they are all telling the truth but simply not communicating with each other. I suggest a simpler explanation: Donald Rumsfeld is out of his mind, and has been from the very beginning. But not to matter, all the rest of the neocons are equally insane. Having been proven wrong on virtually everything they have claimed, having totally failed in Iraq to do what they apparently had set out to do, having produced an absolute mess that will take years to undo (if, indeed, it will ever be completely undone), they are all still in office and for the most part have been rewarded for their abject failures. The Bush/Cheney Administration is truly a wondrous thing.

When will he American people, including those religious zealots in the midwest and south, suddenly wake up to perceive the Frankenstein monster they have encouraged? Bush/Cheney no more share their “values” than they share their poverty. They have been “conned,” and shamelessly used by the Bush/Cheney Administration and their Corporate masters. Does anyone with a brain larger than a pea believe there will ever be a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage? Does anyone believe they truly care about abortion and stem cell research? These divisive and useful (to them) issues are mere diversions in their sea of immorality. Kill and keep killing, endless war, it’s good for business, torture, rape, pillage, it’s all to promote good over evil. The Lord is on our side. Praise the Lord (and pass the ammunition). This has to be the sickest bunch of psychopaths ever assembled, short of Nazi Germany.

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