Monday, July 16, 2012

Yes, Let Us Talk of Jobs...and Lying Hypocrites

One of the Republican talking points they repeat endlessly, starts with “President Obama, where ae the Jobs?” Then they often follow up with something to the effect that Obama dwells on Bain Capital or other Romney problems because he does not want to talk about jobs, having failed to manage the economy and create jobs, and so on, ad nauseam.

If I were Obama, or if I was one of his advisors, or even if I was (and am) a complete nobody, I would suggest to Obama to call their bluff, to say, yes, let us talk about jobs. He should give a major speech on the subject of jobs, in which he should list every single suggestion, attempt, or bill he has proposed and how it is that in case after case after case Republicans have blocked them. I would also point out as clearly as possible that Republicans have not submitted any serious or realistic plan of their own to create jobs. I would conclude by saying, the jobs are in your back pockets along with all the corporate bribes you have taken to destroy the economy in order to destroy my Presidency. This is, I believe, completely true, and they should be forced to answer for it. Starting with the stimulus itself, now widely known to have been not large enough to do the job it was intended to do, and which included at Republican insistence massive and unnecessary tax breaks that helped make it inadequate, to every other proposal Obama has put forward to improve the economy and create jobs, Republicans have filibustered or otherwise found ways to derail. Rather than try to help Obama to help the country they have chosen repeatedly to help themselves. They have simply refused to participate in the governing of our country, an act completely unprecedented in American politics, and they have deliberately chosen this strategy to discredit Obama, a goal they stated publicly and have followed religiously. They have, in short, shown no interest whatsoever in creating jobs.

Does anyone seriously believe that if they should somehow miraculously succeed in regaining power by destroying Obama they are going to create jobs? Of course they won’t, they will do what they have been doing all along: going after health care, unions, women’s health, abortion, minimum wages, food stamps, the right to vote, and even Social Security. They will attempt to privatize everything, including the air we breathe and the water we vitally depend on for life itself. The environment will continue to be sacrificed in the pursuit of short-term profits, global warming will be dismissed as a democratic invention, and science will be ignored in favor of fairy tales. There will no doubt be prayer in schools, if, that is, there are still schools, women will be forced to hobble about with an aspirin between their knees, no one will be allowed to run for President unless they were born in a manger in Arizona surrounded by birth certificates and other legal documents. Our economy will consist of nothing but manufacturing military products, million dollar yachts, and gourmet feeds for polo ponies and Pekinese. Voting will be permitted only to those who can trace their ancestry directly to White European landowners, billionaires, or those who own at least five mansions. Of course you will only be allowed to vote to one of two virtually identical candidates chosen in secret behind the doors of some exclusive country club owned by the Koch brothers. There will be two classes only, “Haves” and “Have-nots.” To become a Have you need to be White, obscenely wealthy, lack compassion, and be ruthless in pursuing endless wealth by any means possible. How you achieved your position among the Haves is a matter of no consequence whatsoever, as long as you profess to believe in some God of European invention, worship capitalism, and disavow any reality that threatens your status quo.

This happy paradise on earth will be realized as soon as the “Spit-in-Your-Face” party has successfully and completely overwhelmed, and finally completely defeated the “Turn-the-Other-Cheek” party, that being the only remaining difference between the two presently existent, significant political parties in this here land of brave and hypothetically free.

Enough babbling, good night and good luck.

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