Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Filthy Rich and the Dirty Poor

The fantastically filthy rich or the disgustingly dirty poor, take your choice. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you no longer have any choice. This is where, after more than 200 years, our nation has finally arrived. I don’t think this is exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind. But thanks to a corrupt Supreme Court, a corrupt Congress, and corruption in general, this appears to be our crowning achievement.

Would you believe there is a substantial portion of our citizenry that does not want us to have health care, minimum wages, unemployment insurance, Social Security, freedom of choice, unions, public education, a Post Office, or even women’s health? I confess I did not believe this until fairly recently, but so it is.

Due to some strange quirk of conscience, perhaps just a moment of weakness, maybe even some as yet unperceived Machiavellian strategy, the Chief Justice of our Supreme Court sided for the first, and only time, with the more liberal members of the court. “Obamacare,” otherwise known as a genuine and worthwhile attempt to improve a dangerously dysfunctional health care system, is now to be regarded as constitutional (not happily by many, but in fact). Republicans and their completely dimwitted “base” vowed immediately to attempt to do away with it, with absolutely no plan of their own to replace it. Their philosophy, if it can be glorified with such a term, has become “If Obama likes it, we can’t let it happen.” I’m sure you see what a blessing this is for both our nation and our political system.

Now that our Supreme Court, apparently following the wishes of their corporate masters, has decided that money is speech and corporations are persons, we have been duly delivered into the clutches of a small but very wealthy cabal of Fascists who now control our government and will be able to do so for a long time to come if allowed to continue. Unless you believe our Supreme Court Justices are unbelievably stupid, you have to believe they did this on purpose. They simply could not have been unaware of the consequences of this completely absurd and unprecedented decision. And because they are appointed for life, and sanctioning them is virtually impossible, they also knew we would be helpless to do anything about it at least for several years.

With one decision the Court has replaced what was supposed to be a functioning 21st century Democratic Republic with what is to be essentially a Medieval system of Lords and Vassals, Royalty and Peasants, Haves and Have-nots, rich and poor, upper and lower classes, Con men and suckers. This did not come about by accident, it was planned, carried out with patience, well funded, and executed brilliantly. They managed over time to control Congress, the main stream media, the courts at all levels, and much of public opinion. With their control of the MSM they can make you believe more or less whatever they want. And what they want is not at all what is in the interest of the dirty poor who can look forward to getting even poorer and dirtier in the future, and almost certainly a lot less healthy.

I personally find it totally incomprehensible that there exist American citizens who do not want their fellows to have access to decent health care and who apparently do not care whether they live in misery and poverty and die before their normal time. They make a mockery of the very concepts of society and culture, the fundamental bedrock of human life. Let us by all means return to the law of the jungle, it will ultimately not treat them any better than the rest of us.

“For he who sins a second time wakes a dead soul to pain…”

Oscar Wilde

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