Monday, July 09, 2012

Is Anyone Still Paying Attention?

Is anyone still paying attention to the utter insanity that is being passed off as politics and government in the United States of America? I know that I’m not. I have been so turned off by what is going on I no longer pay attention to any of it. This ridiculous farce of government has been going on for months, perhaps over a year, I can’t remember. It seems it has been going on FOREVER! Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to date on each of the campaigns, mostly on television ads, and virtually nothing has changed. We are no more enlightened now that when we started. Actual governing (if you can even remember that) has come to a standstill while we are fed the same crap by the same people over and over and over until you realize there is basically no hope. And now we are told the electorate won’t even be paying serious attention until after Labor Day! So what was the point of it all, all that hot air, all that money, all that complete bullshit, all that air time, all that apparent waste of time and effort?

The United States now appears to apparently consist of millions upon millions of morons, half-wits, idiots, and cretins, controlled and managed by a small elite so criminal as to make gangsters look like the “Good Guys.” Not only is nothing being done about this, it appears that nothing even CAN be done about it. War criminals strut about boasting of their crimes and go unpunished. Wall Street and the banks that brought about the worst recession since the 1930’s also go unpunished, and even in a sense rewarded with huge cash infusions from taxpayers. We have a Supreme Court that can no longer be trusted, Congress has an unprecedented all-time low rating, but Congresspersons stay in office endlessly. We fight illegal and unconstitutional “wars” that are not paid for, and give massive tax breaks to those who do not need them and have left us in serious debt. In what is touted to be the wealthiest nation on earth millions are living in poverty. Our educational system is a shambles, our young people drowning in debt, our health care is absurdly expensive and doesn’t even cover many millions, our infrastructure is falling apart before our eyes, and global warming, the most terrifying challenge of all time, is simply ignored. The environment and our natural resources are being raped and plundered for short-term profits with no concern for the future, and those doing so are irate because they are not allowed to do even more damage. Corporate profits are at heights previously unknown while wages have actually gone down. Unemployment is out of control and little can be done to improve it. It probably cannot be much improved as whatever solutions are being proposed do not appear to understand that conditions now are not what they were in the days of FDR, prior to massive technological changes, population increases, globalization, and etc. One so-called political party is so obsessed with continuing things as they are they refuse to cooperate with anyone who tries to change anything.

I am quite convinced this current situation cannot continue much longer. Free market capitalism has proven itself to be completely unsuitable with respect to the environmental necessities for continuing human life on earth over time. It is clearly not sustainable, the earth’s resources are not infinite as some seem to believe. Similarly, the inequality between classes of citizens, haves and have-nots, will be unsustainable over time. Unregulated capitalism will inevitably destroy itself, just as some political and economic writers have warned us for years. Rather than deal honestly with this problem we are at the moment actually arguing about whether multi-millionaires and billionaires should have to pay slightly higher taxes, an argument so pathetically absurd on the face of it, it cannot be taken seriously. Why this has been allowed to happen, and why it is allowed to continue, does not speak well for citizens of the United States, and certainly not for our pretend “leaders.”

Do not disrespect
she who gives you sustenance
move gently across
the land and the blue oceans
like dancing with a lover.


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