Monday, July 30, 2012

Dick Cheney is Right!

Never in a thousand million years did I believe I would ever agree with Dick the Slimy about anything. Nor did I believe he would ever say anything that might actually be true. But he did! He said the choice of Sarah Palin for Vice President was a mistake. I believe that is definitely true, in spite of John McCain’s attempt to declare it was not. Not only was it a mistake, it was a HORRIBLE mistake. Not only did it contribute to McCain’s loss to now President Obama, it also gave a venue for this absolutely fish-brained, fishwife to broadcast her screeching nonsense to the entire world, her fifteen minutes of fame that she has managed to turn into an ongoing career by appealing to the lower half of the bell curve of intelligence. Thus she has grown from a questionably know-nothing halftime Governor of a huge state, inhabited by a small population of near hermits, to an authority on foreign affairs, health care, the economy, and U.S. politics, among other things. Not bad for a little girl from Sandpoint, Idaho, who finally managed to graduate from college with a degree in journalism and bit of experience as a beauty queen. She was totally unqualified for the Vice Presidency then and still would be now. John McCain has to defend her or otherwise admit he made an idiotic, indefensible mistake, and no one wants to admit their stupidity, better to appear a bit “dotty” than imbecilic.

The more I see and hear about Mitt Romney the more I am coming to the conclusion that he, too, is a horrible mistake. Even Republicans now admit he is not a strong candidate, and each day he seems to make things worse for himself. Having insulted the British and relegated the Palestinians to being culturally inferior, who knows what might come of his visit to Poland. It is not clear to me why he picked Poland to visit in the first place, unless perhaps to gain some credibility for his antiquated cold-war belief that Russia is still our number one enemy. When it comes to foreign policy he is no better than Palin, and when it comes to anything else he is completely unknown because he has been on two or three sides of every issue you can name. Having now alienated the British, Palestinians, seniors, juniors, women, blacks, Hispanics, most Jews, Muslims, and everyone except the uneducated White minority, the polls insist he is “neck and neck” with Obama. Go figure.

I do not really understand the Republican hatred of Obama and I have concluded it must be primarily his race (he is Black, you know). That is, all of the objections I have to Obama are not things Republicans should be objecting about. Obama has defended Wall Street, he has been remarkably hawkish, managed to kill bin Laden and other terrorists, has done nothing whatever about guns, passed Obamacare, modeled on Romneycare, that preserves the ridiculous and unnecessary insurance industry ties to health care, has maintained the defense budget far beyond reason, promoted many things first suggested by Republicans, and has proven to be pretty conservative in most everything. Much to my dismay he has supported Israel banditry and paranoia, and has slavishly given in to Israeli wishes on Iran (short of outright war). These are all things one would think would please Republicans. But they don’t, which I find rather surprising. I can see nothing Obama has done that should bring about such hatred on the part of Republicans, other than being Black. It is true he has suggested the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should expire, but as this only involves a rather minimal increase in taxes that were designed to be temporary in the first place, and will only affect individuals with so much money they won’t even notice, it seems to me rather inconsequential. Republicans appear to have constructed a character named Obama to hate that is completely artificial and has no resemblance to the real President Obama whatsoever, a character they can hate passionately for completely political gain. However much I question Obama’s administration, the thought of a Romney/Republican administration is so terrifying as to be unthinkable.

[George Bush] has raised taxes on the people driving pickup trucks and lowered taxes on the people riding in limousines. We can do better.

Bill Clinton

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