Friday, September 28, 2007

Weak,weak as water

Well, we did it again - went to the great German restaurant we found, Feuerabend, and, once again, could not resist the Scweinhoxe (it's on special all through Octoberfest. It is delicious, and so generous, we just couldn't pass it up. We overate so greedily it has inspired an entirely new diet - Morialekafa's special no-nonsense sure-to-work reptilian diet. Under this diet regimen you can eat and drink anything you want, and as much as you want - but you can only eat every six weeks.

Imagine those ungrateful Iraqis! They are upset because the U.S. Senate has decided their country should be broken up into three parts: Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites. They regard this as a violation of their sovereignty (at least the sovereignty we are now pretending they are supposed to have).

We attended the annual Seattle Library Book Sale. It was, as usual, chaos. It has now been taken over by people who have no interest in books. They arrive with their little computers and look up the ISBN numbers to determine if a book can be sold for a profit. I doubt they even look at the titles. Those of us who love books are not happy about this but so far there seems to be nothing much that can be done about it except in the most egregious of cases. As they don't care about the books, and don't even pay attention to the titles, they just scatter them willy-nilly and disrupt the sale for the rest of us. Ah, capitalism, we see your greedy face at every turn.

It seems the bathrooms in the Minneapolis airport are being renovated so that the walls between the stalls will go almost all the way to the floor. Do you think these will be called the new Larry Craig walls? Craig is still resisting resigning from the Senate even though it's clear his Republican ex-buddies don't want him there. In a way I actually feel sorry for him but, what goes around, comes around. Do you think hypocrites go to heaven?

"He can run but he can't hide."
Joe Louis

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