Thursday, September 27, 2007

Impossible dream

It is now obvious that neither Republicans or Democrats have any intention of getting our troops out of Iraq. I thought Russert's insistence that the Democratic candidates have to say they would agree to no troops in Iraq as of 2013 was an absurd question as no one could know that far in advance what might happen. At the same time one can see that as their confirmation they believe we will probably have troops there for a very long time. None of them (with the exception of Kucinich and Richardson) have any intention of giving up control of all that oil and the Middle East. Thus if Congress does not right now refuse to fund any more of this phony "war" it is going to continue forever or until the oil dries up. However, their apparent belief that we can establish a permanent force in Iraq as we have done in South Korea, is never going to fly. The Iraqis (and the Iranians and others as well) do not want a permanent U.S. occupation in the Middle East. The insurgents will never end their attempt to drive us out of their country. There is not going to be any compliant Iraqi population that is just going to put up with our attempt to steal their oil and control their lives. So unless Congress comes to their senses and cut off any further funding prepare for out troops to be imperiled from now on and apparently forever. Bush/Cheney do not want to bring our troops home, nor do they have any idea of how to do it without admitting defeat (which they are not men enough to admit).

We are in Seattle again for the annual Seattle Library Book Sale (an important source of books for Arabella Books). Coming west, once you get as far as Ellensburg the country is almost indiscribably beautiful with huge mountain peaks and greenery as far as you can see. And now, of course, the deciduous trees and bushes are turning into their gorgeous hues of yellow and red and orange. It's not New England but it's pretty wonderful. Tonight it's raining. We're hungry for rain after our dry and hot summer.

Come on, Bushie, explain to our childrens why they should not have health insurance. I bet they're every bit as afraid of "socialism" as you are, if, that is, you have any idea what socialism is or why we should be so afraid of it. Some things are too important to leave to the private sector, like health care, air and water, and such things. I'd ask you to think about but as I know you don't think I guess that would be pointless. Tell us again that our children is learning and your mission has been accomplished.

"It'a a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter."
Satchel Paige

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