Saturday, September 29, 2007


You've all heard of psychobabble. I suggest a new term to describe what has been going on with this one year premature campaign for the Presidency - politibabble. How long has this thing been going on, and how much longer before we get some kind of closure. It's just babble, babble, babble. Will Hillary get the nomination? Is the country ready for a female President? Is Obama going to beat Hillary? Is he too black? Not black enough? Will people vote for a Mormon? Who is raising the most money? Is Thompson the great white hope? Is he just lazy? On and on and on. And the trouble is no one really has any idea of what is likely to happen when (and perhaps, if) the next election happens. I don't know about everyone else but I am sick of this election already and rapidly seem to be approaching the point where I don't give a damn who wins - let's just get it over with. It's not as if there is going to be any meaningful change anyway, both Republicans and Democrats seem determined to continue our occupation of Iraq until doomsday (or perhaps even longer). Meanwhile we will all have to listen to this continuing babble, signifying nothing, and occupying the media, keeping us from doing anything constructive, thinking about the horrors in the world we have created, or the morality we seem to have abandoned.

I have to offer my own babble. I am crushed, crushed, to learn that Newt The Pontificator is not going to run for President. Think of all that babble we will miss out on. Newt is perhaps the greatest babbler of all, to say nothing of being probably the world's greatest hypocrite. Well, we'll have Giuliani around to babble about 9/11 for quite a while yet. McCain's babble is probably about to come to an end. As it appears that large numbers of Americans won't vote for a Mormom I guess we don't have to worry too much about Romney babble. Someone asked me today who the candidates were going to be. I had no difficulty saying Hillary/Bayh, but when it came to the Republicans I simply could not come up with any answer. Never in the history of the U.S. (as far as I know) have we ever had so many candidates that when all lumped together would scarcely constitute a pimple on the butt of a really useful or possible candidate. Who will the Republicans settle on? My imagination is not great enough to answer. Not that it matters, the Republicans have already settled on their real candidate - Hillary, who basically promises to continue Bush's illegal and immoral "war." Big bucks are flowing Hillary's way from people like Rupert Murdoch and other big spenders. I don't think they are interested in backing losers. The country is ready for a female President and also for universal health care (corporations are going to demand it as it is weighing down their competitiveness - why not have the taxpayers pay for it), so who could possibly be a better candidate? I suppose it might not be Hillary but if it's not I will be very surprised.

We are back in Bonners Ferry having once again managed to cross the desert of Eastern Washington. I think it is absolutely amazing that you can drive so far and never see a living thing, no coyotes, gophers, rabbits, deer, snakes, nothing. It was not alway so. I guess we've managed to kill them all in that part of the world. And isn't it tragic that we have to have a Wild Horse Memorial instead of Wild Horses? Soon we'll have another Memorial for Pygmy Rabbits. It's like a dead zone for more than a hundred miles.

"The world's God is treacherous and full of unreason."
Robinson Jeffers

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