Saturday, December 10, 2005

Still negotiating?

Apparently the White House is still negotiating with McCain over torture. Doesn't this strike anyone but me as utterly ridiculous? How could anyone negotiate torture? I guess what this is all about is trying somehow to protect the already known torturers from being punished? I guess that figures, as no one else in this totally incompetent administration has ever been held accountable for anything. As this torture business leads all the way to the Pentagon and the White House you can bet they are trying to cover their butts.

Isn't it curious that there was no mention of the Nobel Prize for literature whatsoever in the MSM but there has been coverage of the Peace Prize. Think it had anything to do with Pintner's passionate political speech? Naw, that would be too obvious (except that CNN and the other big News Organizations obviously don't care what the public thinks about anything). They obviously prefer we do not think at all. Hence the absolute trivia they try to pass off as news. And, of course, there is little or no news on week ends. Once, when I lived for a time on the Kona coast, I ritually tuned in the morning news. It usually consisted of something like Auntie Sweetie's son ran over another chicken this morning, and stuff like that. But one morning they actually started off by saying, "there is no news this morning." I liked that.

It is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. There is ice and snow. The sky is clear and there are many stars. It is quite beautiful but not very comfortable. This evening I gave my first ever book reading/signing (The Cham Stones). There weren't as many people as I might have wished (I hope because of the cold and a couple of other competing events) but it went well and we sold some books. Actually, it was quite enjoyable and there were some good questions.

I guess I am one of the few people who look forward to monday. It seems to me the world comes back to life on monday. And I hate days when there is no mail. I saw a heading on Buzzflash, "Americans hate Cheney." Amen.

"It is not fit that you sit here any longer! shall now give place to better men."
Oliver Cromwell to Parliament, 1654

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