Thursday, December 01, 2005


Donald Rumsfeld, the senile old goat who has pretended to be Secretary of Defense for the last few years, claims to have now had an epiphany. This profound experience suggested to him that we should no longer refer to the Iraqi opposition as insurgents because somehow that gives them more credit than they deserve. He suggests that we now call them (I think I have this right) "enemies of the legitimate government of Iraq" (elgis?). Richard Clark appeared on the Colbert Report this evening and this topic came up. Clark suggested that when the elgis are defeated we will know that we have won the gwat (global war on terror). I guess when this happens we will have won the "complete victory" Bush insists we must have, and this will have been achieved by "staying the course" and thus "spreading democracy" throughout the Middle East, that is apparently the "noble cause" upon which we are embarked, and which will come about because of our "strategy for victory" which in turn is based upon the same meaningless bullshit Bush has been touting from the very beginning.

It seems not to have occurred to anyone in office that Donald Rumsfeld is the saddest excuse for a Secretary of Defense we have probably ever had and should have been replaced years ago. He has never done anything but babble on endlessly about what he doesn't know he thinks we ought to not know, but as we do not know it, we can't go on thinking that somehow we do know it because not knowing it is not quite the same as knowing that we don't know it, and etc., etc. But I'm really pleased he had this epiphany because this has settled the insurgency problem for good. How this totally incompetent, pompous, ridiculous, and completealy dishonest jerk gets away with continuing in office would be a mystery if we didn't know who was President. Well, I guess you just have to go to "war" with the Secretary of Defense you have, not the Secretary of Defense you might want.

The rumor is out now that Barbara Bush, as you know is the President's mother, is very upset that the American people have taken to being very critical of her boy. She attributes this to Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others because of course it couldn't be little Georgie's fault. I guess the only one she doesn't fault is Karen whats-her-face who, according to Condi Rice, gives really good sermons. I love it! Stay tuned.

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