Monday, December 19, 2005

Did he or didn't he?

Did Bush act legally when he secretly authorized the NSA to spy on American citizens? He, of course, insists that what he did was legal (you could hardly expect him to claim otherwise). But many others, including John Dean, think he not only acted illegally but has admitted to an impeachable offense. Both Democrats and Republicans have called for an investigation. As Bush apparently called a meeting on December 6th with officials from the New York Times, specifically to try to get them not to run the story, he may have suspected or known that he had acted illegally. Apparently Bush thinks he can do whatever he wants because Gonzales and others have led him to believe that as Commander-in-Chief he has the authority to do anything he wants. While I am not a lawyer I am positive there is nothing in the Constitution or American law that allows a President to override the law whenever he wishes. It is clear that Bush has acted above and beyond the law all along. Note his claim that he can lock up prisoners for as long as he wants, with no rights whatsoever, and so on. Indeed, this is why they are treating Padilla is such a ridiculous fashion - they fear that if it goes to the Supreme Court they will be told that they do not, in fact, have such authority.

This latest almost surely illegal activity aside, can there be any doubt that Bush/Cheney should be impeached? Can anyone be ignorant of the enormity of their war crimes? The unbelievable misery they have brought upon the people of Iraq and also on the people of the U.S.? And for what? So Bush could be a "war president?" So we could control the Middle East? So we could "spread democracy?" So Cheney's oil companies could become even more filthy rich?

If you want to see the future look to South America. Evo Morales, the first indigenous President of Bolivia. Chavez in Venezuela. Progressives in Brazil and Argentina. They are going to break with the colonial traditions that have kept them subservient to the U.S. for so many years. Their people for the first time are going to actually benefit from their own natural resources rather than having them stolen by the powers that be. Viva Morales! Viva Venezuela! Viva Socialist states like Norway and Sweden! Death to imperialism! There is hope for the world in South America if not in North America.

Bush/Cheney and the neocons are war criminals. There is no doubt about this. They deserve to be punished for their crimes. But will that happy day ever come? Doubtful. Remember, in their world, might makes right. Black makes white. Up makes down. Lies equal truth. We do not torture. Iraq had WMD's. We are more safe now. Things are going well. The national debt doesn't matter. The rich deserve more money. God is on our side. We, alone, are good. The rapture is coming soon. Hoorah!

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