Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer party

Tow truck driver texting on
one phone, talking on another,
crashes into swimming pool.

Bubblehead: I forgot to thank you for your comment. I hope you are doing really well.

I applaud Obama for his attempt to shut down the controversy over the Gates arrest. However, I fear he has just added more fuel to the fire. We are now going to have to listen to arguments over which beer is the best. At least one person has objected to Obama’s choice of Bud Light because the company is now owned by Belgians. I heard somewhere that the other two beers were also foreign. The White House will no doubt hear about that. Then there are all those small breweries who will all want to complain that their beers should have been featured. Before this runs its course I won’t be surprised to see a series of beer tastings in the White House. The MSM, in their continual attempt to keep us from any real news, will keep this alive for as long as they can. After all, we shouldn’t be thinking of health care, Afghanistan, the economy, or anything so mundane when we can think about beer.

The Birthers are still at it. Here I thought that after the vote in which everyone agreed Obama was indeed a citizen of the U.S. they would give up. But you can’t say they aren’t creative. One Republican sent a long memo to his constituents explaining the whole issue in detail: You see, Obama’s parents took a trip to Kenya while she was pregnant. Because she was so far pregnant she couldn’t fly back to the U.S. so she had Obama in Kenya. And as she was too young, her birthing him could not make him a citizen, and blah, blah, blah, etc. This memo was read out loud on the Rachel Maddow show this evening. I think the author missed his calling, he should be writing spicy potboilers.

I don’t understand all these arguments over universal health care. It seems to me pretty simple. The American people do not want our current system and would prefer a single-payer system, or at least a public option. The Insurance companies do not because they are making huge profits over the existing dysfunctional system. This seems like a really clear choice to me. The fact that Insurance companies could keep 47 million Americans from adequate health care would seem like a no-brainer. At least it would in any country that actually had the well-being of its citizens in mind. But this, I guess I have to remind you, is the U.S.A., we’re different.

Here in North Idaho it is a banner year for huckleberries. Most everyone is picking huckleberries, even people who do not usually pick huckleberries. They are said to be everywhere. Good, I say, maybe the bears will keep out of our garbage cans this year. Now we have huckleberry pies, milk shakes, cobblers, shortcake, ice cream, jams, sauces, and I don’t know what all else. I heard of one place that served a shrimp salad with huckleberries, aaaaaagh!
I am wondering if Obama is going to stick to his position on the Israeli (illegal) settlements. I understand there have been anti-Obama demonstrations in Israel of late. I guess it is just too much to expect Israel to live up to any of its international agreements or pay attention to the U.N. or anyone else. They never have. You might think Obama has asked them for all their first born children or something. As far as I am concerned it is well past time that someone has confronted them over their reckless, illegal, and genocidal behavior. Oh, I forgot, Obama is too busy having to prove that he was born, that he is not out to kill old people, that global warming is real, that insurance companies are trying to torpedo health care, and so on. In my view, the Israeli/Palestinian issue is almost as important as health care, especially if there is to be any hope for peace in the Middle East…ever. Oh, I forgot again, the whole problem is really Iran where they are (falsely, apparently) said to be eagerly rushing the development of a nuclear bomb to bomb Israel, and apparently the rest of the known world, according to the Israelis. If Obama can’t curb the Israelis, and produce universal health care, we can kiss any hopes of either of those things goodbye for a very long time, perhaps forever.

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