Friday, April 04, 2008

That's all?

Man climbing six foot wire
fence with backpack full of
beer slips and hangs himself.

Hillary Clinton, that faithful champion of the working class, who understands their problems and knows how to solve them, only made, along with Bill, 109 million dollars in the past seven years. That’s barely more than 15 million a year. Pitiful. As I understand it, that doesn’t even include last year’s loot. Bill Clinton himself made over 50 million just giving speeches. I don’t know where all those working stiffs got the money to pay him. It must be pleasant to be among the nouveau riche and hobnob with the Bush’s and others who wouldn’t give them the time of day back in the good ol’ Arkansas days. I don’t begrudge the Clintons some good money, they deserve it, at least some of it, but I do resent Hillary trying to present herself in Pennsylvania as a populist. It’s amazingly clever how she has managed to portray herself as a champion of the underclass and convert Obama into an elitist. Politics moves in mysterious ways.

Someone asked why is John Yoo still a professor at Berkeley. A better question might be how did he get to be one in the first place? It can’t be because of his astute interpretations of the law. After writing his clever torture memos and being exposed I wonder that he has the nerve to show himself in public. In addition to posting signs warning of child molesters we should consider signs warning about the presence of war criminals.

Usually the history and accomplishments are written by the winners. Thus if we win in Iraq there will be no war criminals. But we aren’t winning. So who is going to write up the facts about Iraq? Will it include any war criminals? Will Bush/Cheney and their Brafia thugs be able to move freely about the world, vacationing in France and Germany, skiing in Switzerland, dining in Italy? Or will they, like Kissinger, be afraid to go there for fear of being arrested? Oh, I hope so. Let’s keep; ‘em here where we can keep an eye on them at least. It won’t do to let them inflict any more misery on the world. Maybe we should consider a war crimes tax.

Obama has apparently raised money from 1,270,000 individuals at an average clip of 96 bucks each. How is it we aren’t told about Hillary’s fund raisers? For the same reason, I guess, that we aren’t going to be given the latest intelligence reports on Iraq and Afghanistan. We can just accept what Petraeus tells us and like it (“when you’re slapped you’ll just take it and like it”). Our Secretary of Defense has announced that in 2009 we will be sending more troops to Afghanistan, whether there are fewer in Iraq or not. It’s not clear where those troops will be coming from, nor is it clear why he’s talking about 2009 when he presumably won’t still be Secretary of Defense. Or….oh my god.

At the moment a mere 81% of Americans think we are on the wrong track in what Bush/Cheney are doing. Only 81%, gee, that’s not a lot. With 19% still going for them they can no doubt stick it out forever, which they are clearly intending to do with the help from our cowardly, useless, stupid, spineless, ass-kissing Congress who can’t even stir themselves to consider impeaching, arguably, the most evil man on the planet. Perhaps we should have a day of mourning for our defunct government. We can all smear ourselves with ashes, all 81% of us, and walk around all day banging on pots and pans. Do you think that might get some attention. Naw, probably not, some ditzy blond will get stoned and run into a lamppost or something. If Jeremiah Wright wants to say “god damn America,” I say go for it Jeremiah.

“Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can’t last.”
Greg Evans

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