Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just another liar?

Hillary Clinton. I fear the truth is not in her. Now she has been caught trying to tell us she was a critic of the Iraq war before Barack Obama. Not true. This was after she gave us her account of landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. Not true. She has been using an anecdote about a pregnant woman being denied care because she didn’t have the $100 for a visit. Not true. She has claimed she did not support NAFTA when it was introduced. Not true. She has lied, or at least grossly exaggerated her experience, claiming to have been involved in the Irish truce procedure. Not true. She opposes a trade agreement with Columbia while her chief advisor was meeting with the Columbian Ambassador, who was hiring him to promote it (he has as of today finally been fired). She has also claimed all along that she is better prepared to be President from “day one” than Obama which, depending upon how you want to look at it, is also probably not true. And when she claims Obama is not ready to be President she overlooks the fact that neither was her husband or Ronald Reagan. In addition to all this, she has been doing everything she can to change the rules in the middle of the election game, making claims that are both far-fetched and false. She pretends to be for the working stiff while pulling down millions with her husband. And she is also financed heavily by the very corporations she says she will challenge. So what do we make of this? She’s a politician, but not a very good one? She certainly doesn’t deserve the Presidency (unless you desperately want another George W. (prevaricator supreme) for the job.

There is more talk now about a “war” with Iran. Some believe that General Petraeus is going to lead the way next week now that he has replaced General Fallon who was his superior officer and wouldn’t do as Bush/Cheney wanted. If this should happen, god forbid, it will be another completely illegal war against a nation that is no threat to the U.S. I would like to know just who is going to fight this war – our exhausted troops in Iraq? Probably not, they’ll be too busy trying to stay alive in Iraq when Muqtada al-Sadr gives the word to attack our troops there. Will any European nations provide troops – they don’t even want to provide them for Afghanistan. Is this talk of war just that, talk. I sincerely hope so. If not, it will make the worst foreign policy blunder in American history look like a brilliant decision.

How much longer will this Hillary farce continue? The only reason I can see why she continues to behave as she is, is because she wants Obama to get the nomination and then lose to McCain, giving her and her corporate sponsors a chance in 2012. They can all afford to wait it out, they’re all rolling in dough after conning us for the past eight years. Let’s get rid of the DLC once and for all. Vote for Obama!

Our Congressman Bill Sali is the most consistent fellow around. He always, well, almost always, votes “no.” And he’s always in a minority. Now he voted against a bill sponsored by some Republican that would have funded conservation and management of ocean resources. I guess he didn’t think that was a good thing (this vote was passed 308 to 60).. He also voted against a bill to fight Aids, tuberculosis, and malaria. Well, I suppose that’s not a good thing either (it passed 308 to 116). Don’t you wonder just who it is Bill is voting for? Does he have a constituency somewhere in outer space that we don’t know about? VOTE LARRY GRANT FOR CONGRESS!!

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”


Bubblehead said...

Fascinating as always. Of course, the CENTCOM Commander was Admiral Fallon (vice General), General Petraeus is not taking over CENTCOM (the current acting CENTCOM commander is Army Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey - no replacement has been announced), and we are not going to attack Iran during this administration. Basically, a post that's up to your usual high standards of accuracy. (If you disagree with the premise that we're not going to attack Iran, I'll check with you next January 20th too see who was right.)

Bubblehead said...

Bush added an extra "o" to "to" in my last sentence!