Thursday, April 03, 2008

The bleat goes on

Jeremy told 18 year old goldilocks
it was okay to sleep in their bed.
They didn’t know any Jeremy.

Well, the bleat goes on, and on, and on. What will the MSM do when this #$@%$&*$#@ election is over, go out of business? Clinton is behind in delegates, behind in popular vote, behind in states won. Obama is gaining delegates, gaining in Pennsylvania, raising twice as much money, getting more and more endorsements. She continues to insist she is going to win and that Obama can’t win against McCain. The MSM continue to humor her. The bleat goes on.

Iraq is a complete and utter disaster and failure. The surge has failed. Iran is taking over and calling the shots. Moqtada al-Sadr is controlling the level of violence. Nouri al-Maliki, our puppet, is weak and failing. We have accomplished nothing and spent a trillion in our spectacular failure. General Odom says the only thing to do is to get out of Iraq as soon and painlessly as possible. Bush/Cheney/McCain insist things are going well and the surge is a success. The bleat goes on.

A new memo from the demented lawyer, John Yoo, has surfaced. It is now clear that the orders for torture came from the top down. The claim it was only a few low-level bad apples has been exposed for the ridiculous nonsense it was. Bush says we don’t torture. Mukasey refuses to label torture, torture. It would make Bush/Cheney war criminals (which they clearly are). Congress is remarkably silent about all this and refuses to even consider impeachment. I guess they like war criminals. Anyway, the bleat goes on.

All we peasants know there is a recession. Bernake says maybe there will be one. They use taxpayer money to bail out Bear Sterns but won’t help individual homeowners (it’s all their own fault for being so stupid). Banks have nothing to do with it. Innocent banks with their usurious interest rates and unconscionable banking sleight-of-hand fees and charges. We need to give Wall Street more power to oversee themselves. The bleat goes on.

Condi Rice tells Israel to let up on the Palestinians. They agree to remove some road blocks. Condi is pleased. Israel then announces they are going to ad 1400 illegal new houses/apartments on the West Bank. Condi is silent. Bush is silent. Cheney is silent. Congress is silent. Clinton’s position paper on the Israeli situation doesn’t even mention Palestinians and favors building the wall. U.S. favoritism continues. If the U.N. is displeased no one knows about it. Israeli colonialism continues unabated. The bleat goes on.

John Conyers demands answers from the Attorney General about his 9/11 comments. Is anyone keeping track of how many demands Conyers has made in the past couple of years? Does anyone know if any one of his demands has ever been met? Similarly, how many different investigations has Waxman begun? Has even a single one ever been completed? The investigations are always announced but then they just disappear never to be heard of again. By the way, whatever happened to Wexler’s attempt to get Cheney impeached? That seems to have just disappeared as well. Does anyone in Congress ever do anything except announce they are going to do something (that never happens)? Pelosi condemns China over their treatment of Tibet but ignores the Bush/Cheney illegal war crimes against Iraq. The bleat goes on, and apparently will continue to do so until we are all dead and long gone.

This blog was fun when it first started several years ago. Now it has degenerated into political rants against this horrible administration. Can’t we please get this unpleasantness over with and go back to when it was possible to laugh once in a while? Having lived a pretty long time, and having witnessed a lot of trouble and misery, I confess I have never seen anything like these nightmare years of the 21st century. If Bush/Cheney escape accountability for their multiple and blatant war crimes I think I shall never recover. Have decency and justice become completely passé?

LKBIQ: “Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.”
Frank Dane

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