Saturday, November 04, 2006

What will Bush/Cheney do now?

Can things really get much worse for Bush/Cheney? All four military newspapers simultaneously have called for Rumsfeld to resign (do all those senior military people really know more than Cheney/Rumsfeld?) Cheney has just said it doesn't matter what the public thinks, we're on the right course. I guess maybe the military doesn't agree with him either. Will it make a difference? Will they stick with Rummy in spite of the military objections? Stay tuned. This is getting interesting.

If the military revolt isn't enough, how about Haggard? Another example of Republican/Evangelical hypocrisy. Shades of Bill Clinton, "I didn't inhale." Haggard bought the meth but didn't use it. He had a gay prostitute massage him but didn't engage in sex. Apparently he did. But according to another one of his ilk it was all because his wife didn't take care of herself, became too fat, and didn't provide proper sex. Oh, these evangelicals!

Now even the neocons who brought about this horrible "war" are dumping on Bush. What Perle and others are saying, I think, when you boil it down, is they didn't know Bush?Cheney were so incompetent. This seems to be the same kind of BS many conservatives use against our defeat in Vietnam. We couldn't win because the government wouldn't provide everything necessary, etc.,etc.

Finally, we have the situation in which Bush/Cheney and the rest of the torturers are arguing that those individuals who were tortured should not be allowed to even speak about it - because, of course, it would jeopardize our security. This is the same argument they've tried to use about the Libby case, and other such things - everything can't be done because it will jeopardize security. This is their standard agenda now. You can't investigate anything because everything you want to do or learn about will jeopardize security. It's like a broken record. We will do anything we want and you can't even ask about it. So much for democracy (remember that - democracy - we used to have at least a semblance of it).

Here at Sandhill we seem to have our own early problem with global warming. A couple of years ago there were a few reintroduced wild turkeys. A few. Last winter was mild so this year we have had a wild turkey explosion. Now they take over our garden, come right up on the decks, look in the windows, and poop everywhere. If this is another mild winter I'm sure we will be overcome by the turkeys (I confess it is a bit amusing when my wife goes out to yell and throw things at them). But the problem doesn't stop with the turkeys. The mild winters also produce multitudes of deer that feast on our roses and virtually everything else. We used to see and enjoy them at a distance. Now, however, they come right up to the house, peer in the windows, shamelessly consume every plant in sight and now, today, actually had the temerity bed down within 30 feet of the house. Another mild winter and I feel we are doomed. Apparently the coyotes and cougars just can't keep up with these population explosions. It's all Bill Clinton's fault.

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