Monday, May 29, 2006

Things continue to go well

In case you are not watching or paying attention, you should be advised that things in the Middle East are going well. In Kabul there were large anti-American riots sparked by an accident by our military that killed a number of civilians. It was so bad Kabul is now under lockdown. As most of Afghanistan is under the control of warlords and drug dealers, as it was in the beginning, it is probably fair to conclude that we aren't having much success there. Even so, CNN, after reporting on the anti-American riots had to tell us that things were not really so bad - schools were being built, children were in school, and etc. How many schools? Where? I assume mostly in Kabul and even that capital city is beginning to erupt.

Iraq had another particularly bloody day with several car bombings and deaths. I guess you might say this is pretty typical. The Iraqis are apparently upset because we are constructing a billion dollar 104 acre embassy, the largest anywhere in the world. This is because we are planning to withdraw our troops as soon as possible (except for those who will have to stay to defend the embassy and the other permanent bases). As in Afghanistan, outside of the "green zone," we don't appear to control much of anything

In Guantanamo 75 prisoners have gone on a hunger strike in sympathy with two others who have been on such a strike for a long time. I guess conditions must be improving there. I wonder if any of the 60 children being held there are engaged in the hunger strike. Probably not, children might still have some remote hope.

An article on Buzzflash says that Bush's act of contrition when he held his Press Conference with Blair was not genuine but carefully choreographed. Buzzflash sometimes thinks we are all kind of stupid. Of coure it was choregraphed. When in the hell has he ever done anything that wasn't carefully choreographed to a selected audience? It's true there were British reporter there as well as American, but they, too, didn't really press him on anything. Mustn't irritate the Emperor. I'm surprised that Steven Colbert is still walking around on two unbroken legs.

Barry Bonds finally hit one more home run that Babe Ruth so he is now second on the all time list. Anyone think he has another 40 left in him? I doubt it but there are wonder drugs these days, especially for old guys like me.

Bonners Ferry held its annual Memorial Day Parade. If you have never seen a small town Memorial Day Parade you just haven't lived. Man, there are horses, horses and buggies, bands, classic cars, fire trucks, antique tractors, beauty contestants, politicians, boy scouts, and this year, for the first time, boats pulled on trailers. A big crowd and nothing but excitement for about half an hour. There weren't any logging trucks this year. I thought that was strange.

I think there will be no immigration bill this year. And if there is, you'll wish there wasn't. I'm not a praying person, but if I was I'd be praying every night that we won't have Hillary running againt McCain, two fakes in search of the unholy pot at the end of the rainbow. I'm holding out for David Duke vs Alan Keyes.

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