Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No final straw?

Well, morialekafa is back from his time in Norway. It turns out he has many more relatives there than he ever dreamed. It was wonderful but we are very tired.

I must say I am amazed to learn that nothing much has happened in my absence. You know the sayings, "the straw that broke the camel's back," and "that is the last straw," and etc. Apparently when it comes to the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice Administration there is no such thing as the last straw. One might argue that after the Republican brownshirts disrupted the vote count in Florida and the Supreme Court gave the election to Bush that was the last straw. I guess it was only no straw. Then there was the invasion of Iraq, against the wishes of virtually the entire world, still not the last straw, then torture, then Katrina, the out of control national debt, outing Plame, the medicare fiasco, prostitute in the White House, Abramoff, DeLay, Frist, etc., etc., etc., and still no final straw. If each of these had occurred in any other administration it would have been finished long ago - but not this one. Talk about teflon!

So now we have Bush still pretending to be Presidential, Cheney pretending to be Vice-Presidential, Rumsfeld pretending to be Secretary of Defense, and Rice pretending to be Secretary of State, all ignoring the obvious fact that virtually no one but the apparently totally demented has any faith anymore in anything they do. Talk about surreal, this is surreality carried to a previously unknown dimension. Even Rove remains unindicted. Republicans, I guess, have a true soft spot in their hearts for war criminals and liars.

Pelosi, I read, has said no impeachment (democrats assume they will actually win something for a change). I agree. No impeachment. Why bother with anything so time-consuming when they could simply be arrested and tried for war crimes as they ought to be?

You cannot believe how wonderful it was to be away from all this nonsense (read horror) for three weeks; no television, no news, nothing but scenery and relaxation. At least we haven't bombed Iran as yet. But the elections are drawing near and the Republican war criminals are becoming more and more desperate. I am too tired to deal with all this at the moment. But I am very happy to be back. This is truly an unbelievable moment in American history. It may even be the last moment unless something happens soon to turn things around. Happy days are not here again - yet.

In Bergen I noticed there is an inordinate number of bald headed men. There is also an inordinate number of infants. Does this mean the old claim that bald headed men are more virile might be true? In Oslo I observed an unusual amount of long-legged women. What, if anything, does that mean (I am finally losing "it")?

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DrBlues said...


Good to have you back and blogging again. Actually, things have changed a bit. You missed Stephen Colbet's performance at the White House Correspondent's dinner. Go to Huffington Post or some other blog and watch it.

Has the outrage reached "critical mass" yet? Probably not. Even today's USA Today expose about domestic eavesdropping will probably be dismissed by the MSM and Democratic leadership. At the same time, Dubya's poll numbers are about as low as they can get. It is all about the mid-term elections.

By the way, don't confuse correlation with causation. I suggest you go back to Oslo and interview all those long legged beauties about your hypothesis that bald men are more virile. You need some qualitative data. As a balding older guy, I would volunteer to help you with your field work.