Monday, August 22, 2005

Whether he lied?

Somewhere or other I saw something to the effect there will be a committee to look into the question of whether Bush/Cheney lied. I assume this means the committee will conclude that they didn't lie. Because otherwise what would be the point of such a committee? Of course they lied. It is perfectly obvious they lied. We already know they lied. At least one of them even admitted that the used WMD's as a rationale simply because that was something they could agree on. They knew there were no WMD's. They knew there were no mobile biological labs. They knew they didn't try to buy stuff from Niger. They knew there was no danger of a mushroom cloud. They knew absolutely that Iraq was not, and could not have been, a danger to the United States. They also knew that Iraq was in compliance with the UN inspections even though to this day they want you to believe they were resisting the inspections. They knew there was no relationship between Sadam and Osama bin Laden and they still try to slip this bullshit in whenever they can. THEY LIED! ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, BEYOND ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER! We do not need a phony committe to "investigate" and then tell us they didn't lie. We also don't need to be told that the intelligence was faulty. They cooked the intelligence to be what they wanted. This whole business is so outrageous that for the most part no one wants to believe it. Just like some pro-Bush woman interviewed at Camp Casey - the president wouldn't have lied. Why would he not have lied? He's lied about everything. EVERYTHING! I don't believe he has ever told the truth about anything, even when he could have told the truth. And the biggest liar of all, who has been wrong about absolutely everything, is Dick the Slimy Cheney, president of the United States currently hiding under another rock somewhere. Rumsfeld is almost as bad as is our dear babbling Condi. If there is anyone in the U.S. at the moment who doesn't believe this administration lied, god help us all.

Then there is Pat Robertson. How he stays out of a mental institution is not clear to me. He exorts his followers to pray that Supreme Court Justices will die so Bush can appoint new ones. Now he has announced publicly that we should assassinate Hugo Chavez. First of all, what business is it of his what Hugo Chavez does or doesn't do? Who in the hell does Robertson speak for except for his band of ultra loonies. Are they in charge of the U.S. so they can dictate policy? Who does this egomaniacal jerk think he is? Personally, I believe we should all pray Robertson gets committed to a funny farm somewhere as soon as possible. Not being a violent sort I guess I wouldn't want to see him assassinated (although I think it would be a good thing). Does anyone really take him seriously? There must be some who do, he did try to run for president (think of that and try to keep your dinner down).

I've noticed nearly all the dead
Were hardly more than boys.

Grantland Rice

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Watch 'n Wait said...

Despicable bunch entirely. And don't forget the treasonous Rove. To say nothing of Novak, Perle, Wolfowitz and that whole group. What a disgusting set of humans. I cannot tell you how I long to be rid of every one of them...the sooner the better. With only 36% approval rate, maybe 2006 will bring change, provided they don't steal the elections again.