Monday, August 08, 2005

Are the wheels finally coming off?

In spite of their attempts to claim recent successes, such as the Energy bill, the Highway bill, and the renewal of the so-called Patriot Act, it appears to me that finally, at long last, the wheels may be starting to fall off the Bush/Cheney administration. Cheney seems not to emerged from under his rock lately, Bush is holed up on his fake ranch afraid to face the mother of a dead soldier, the Rove scandal shows no sign of disappearing in spite on the MSM attempts to ignore it, Novak took his ball and went home on national TV, there is a group of elder politicians who are going after DeLay, Rick Santorum (of all people) was featured at the Republican summer meetings in San Francisco, and they are going to try to run an attack dog against Hilary, not because she has a chance to win, but to "bloody" Hilary before the 2008 presidential race. And by the way, things are not going well in either Afghanistan or Iraq, Iran is thumbing their nose at the U.S., and the Gaza strip is about to erupt in even more violence. No one is paying any attention to Condi Rice who continues to trot around the world telling everyone how they ought to behave. Perle, Wolfowitz, and others have been remarkably silent for a long time, and Bolton apparently already threw a fit at the U.N. because of peanuts he was given in a bar. Wow! Things are certainly in a mess. But not to worry, Bush will have another direct conversation with God, especially about the problem with intelligent design. If this business wasn't so serious you would have to think it was a case of the Keystone Cops meeting the Marx Brothers on the set of Abbot and Costello versus Godzilla, script by W.C. Fields in collaboration with Mae West, directed by the village idiot.

On a lighter (ha ha) historical note consider the following account from the archives of our now happy and friendly little town:

"On saturday, June 4, 1892, Chinese residents of the town were ordered by the citizens to gather at the corner of Main and Kootenai streets. A special Great Northern train, consisting of an engine, two box cars and a caboose were waiting on the tracks for its passengers.
Before ten in the evening 48 Chinese and their luggage were loaded into the box cars and as the train pulled out there was cheer after cheer from the people of Bonners Ferry. The local newspaper was even more brutal with the "heathen Chinese" than it had been with the Kootenai Indians. Destination of the 48 Chinese men, women, and children in the two box cars went unrecorded."

History of Boundary County, Idaho

I think it went unrecorded because they were too busy hanging Indians. In any case, we don't hear much about this anymore. Ah, history. Ah, humankind. Ah, Intelligent Design.

"For there are kinds of music that the world should not hear."

Whittaker Chambers

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