Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lull before the storm?

I don't know for sure but I cannot help but believe this may be "the lull before the storm." Fitzgerald may finally decide to indict someone, the Iraqis may fail to come up with a constitution, Bush and Rumsfeld are both scheduled to appear before Congress, Sybil Edmonds is still pursuing her charges, Rumsfeld is being sued, Bush cannot escape from the scrutiny of Cindy Sheehan and her growing band of followers. There is going to be a massive march on Washington on September 24th. Something may actually happen in the Tom DeLay scandal. The Ohio Republican party is in truly deep do-do. Immigration is becoming a national scandal. The nation is finally waking up to the realization that Bush/Cheney and the neocons lied to start an illegal and unnecessary "war" in which American troops continue to die on a daily basis. We now have an absolutely unprecedented national debt, the neocons want to attack Iran (but happily don't have the troops to do it), Arlen Spector has rebuked Rumsfeld for his stupid attack on Chavez and Venezuala, Bolton is just beginning his attack on the UN, and on and on. Something, it seems to me, is going to have to give in the not too distant future.

All of this is to say nothing about the sinking poll numbers which are themselves virtually unprecedented. I think Nixon had higher poll numbers when he resigned the Presidency. But don't expect Bush/Cheney to do the decent thing and resign for the good of the country. Of course if our corporate masters decide that Bush/Cheney may have outlived their usefulness, and may now risk the future of the Republican party, they may start to insist on a change. Republicans have been and are embarked on what has to turn out to be a suicidal program. It is finally beginning to catch up with them. The lies have reached the point where even the dimmest among us cannot deny them any longer (I do not consider the Republican base the dimmest among us as they do not attain even that status).

So Bush and Frist can go on blissfully demanding that Intelligent Design deserves a place in the classroom right up there with the theory of evolution, and continue their attack on the public schools, science, reason, and intelligence, but they cannot ultimately win because utter absurdity will inevitably lose out to basic common sense and reality. I repeat what I have said previously: if there is such a thing as intelligent design there would certainly be no human beings. Why would any superior intelligence design the most troublesome, warlike, murderous, destructive, short-sighted, greedy, genocidal, mean and unpleasant species on earth apparently dedicated to fouling their own nest and destroying everyone else's nest? What did the Passenger Pidgeon, the buffalo, and the Tasmanians ever do to them?


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Gary said...

Great blog! I'm just up here in NElson, BC. If there IS a case for intelligent design, it must be that George W. Bush could not have evolved. That's rude, eh?