Friday, January 21, 2005


I did not watch the coronation, er, inauguration, as I cannot stand hearing Bush speak. I also cannot stand to see him. Seeing him and hearing him simultaneously makes me start to feel physically ill. So all I know of what he said is what I have picked up from other accounts, including some that analyzed the actual word counts from his 17 minute speech. I learned that he used the word freedom approximately 28 times and the word liberty about half that many times. If this is correct, or close enough, that means in 17 minutes he used freedom/liberty almost three times per minute. Wow! That must have been some speech. Actually, it would appear to me to be the most incredible mish-mash of freedom/liberty goobledy-gook ever composed by the mind of someone-or-other. I think it boiled down to: I, George W. Bush, do solemnly swear that I will abolish tyranny in the world wherever it is found, no matter who objects. He will apparently do this with the Lord’s blessing, his massive international coalition, and his not so slowly deteriorating army. Along with his sidekick Sancho Condaleeza he will tilt at windmills and kick ass all around the world.

I am not a fan of IQ testing, or even of the concept of IQ. But again today I saw somewhere that Bush’s IQ is estimated to be 91. Average is 100. That tells you something. What it tells me is that if any credence whatsoever can be placed on such figures Bush is borderline retarded. When you consider that Clinton’s IQ is estimated at somewhere around 180 it does make one pause and reflect on the nature of things. Of course Clinton didn’t have the advantage of all the major media conveniently covering up for him. If the media hadn’t been part of the Bush/Cheney Administration they wouldn’t have lasted more than two weeks, tops. This is the most corrupt, scandal-ridden, criminal, disgusting, reprehensible, greedy, foul, incompetent, and secretive Administration in all of U.S. history. But how it seems to be loved by the morons that have kept it in power. But that’s okay, the Fascists now in power will eventually give the morons their just rewards: poverty, wage slavery, no health care, useless education, terrible air and water, environmental degradation, few, if any, civil liberties, and no doubt the priviledge of kissing their feet now and then.

If I sound down, I am. I keep waiting for something to happen. But nothing does. I cannot fathom how an Administration so inept and evil can continue to survive. But it has, at least so far. Am I just losing my marbles or what?

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Watch 'n Wait said...

How do they survive? Right off the top, they know exactly how to work the media. For an on-the-money illustration, get hold of Vince Flynn's 1997 political novel, "Term Limits". I checked that publishing date twice, because he seems to have nailed Bush and Rove, and how they do what they do and get away with it. I begin to believe Flynn must have precognition.