Monday, August 02, 2004

Waffles and grits

Buzzflash reports that Trent Lott, speaking to the County Fair in Neshoba county, Mississippi, was a great hit with his line that John Kerry is “a French speaking socialist from Boston, Massachusetts, who is more liberal than Ted Kennedy. He also referred to Kerry/Edwards as “waffles and grits.”

Wow! It used to be enough for the Republicans to mouth their “New England liberal” accusation over and over again whenever someone from New England threatened to run for office. But now, not only a liberal, but a socialist! And what is far worse, a French speaking socialist! I guess that must be about as low as a politician can get, at least in Mississippi. Trent Lott would obviously prefer someone who babbles almost incoherently in both Spanish and English. To be like “waffles and grits” must have some local significance that eludes me as I wouldn’t think those were bad words in Mississippi. Why, Kerry might actually be in favor of universal health care! Socialist dog!

The Republicans have made it clear that during the month of August they are going to attack, ridicule, and make fun of Kerry as much as possible. Poor old Rove apparently hasn’t yet figured out that everything they have tried on Kerry so far – spoiled rich kid, expensive shirts and haircuts, questionable war record, flip-flopper, etc. – has backfired, as all of those things have been more true of Bush than of Kerry. This will be no different. Who could be possibly more ripe for ridicule and laughter than George “is our children learning” Bush, pretending to be President of the United States.

The Bush administration is running scared. If the mainstream media and their polls tell you the electorate is split 50 –50 don’t believe it. There is no way that can possibly be true. Unfortunately, this will lead the Republicans to pull out all the stops and there is no telling how awful things may turn out to be by November.

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