Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fallen hero


In the autumn of my life
I see things anew.
The moon is no longer made
of green cheese and myth.
There are too many footprints.

From war hero to buffoon. What is John McCain doing following Bush around like some lovestruck puppy? After the absolutely sleazy Bush campaign against him when he was running for President, hinting that his days as a prisoner of war might have addled his mind, claiming that he had a black child, and who knows what else, he now finds it necessary to campaign with Bush? And telling people how great a President Bush has been! Perhaps his brain has been addled. No one in their right mind could believe that Bush has been a great President. No one, not even a Republican could believe that at this point in time. The biggest deficit in history, the worst loss of jobs since Hoover, the laughingstock of the world, the environment increasingly degraded, the stock market falling, both Afghanistan and Iraq in chaos, the most hated man on the planet – and McCain wants us to believe he’s a great President? Either McCain is unbelievably stupid or na├»ve, or both, or he’s being offered something he can’t resist. He says the Swift Boat ad is total sleaze and Bush should reject it. Bush doesn’t reject it and McCain campaigns with him anyway. Has he no longer any self respect? Or has Bush perhaps have something on him so terrible he just can’t say no?

And by the way, where’s Dick the Slimy? Why isn’t he campaigning with Bush? Ashamed to show his face? Or does he have to stay hidden while he continues to oversee the rape of Iraq?

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