Wednesday, January 24, 2007

President Hillary Rodham Clinton

spacegirl: morialekafa is a word from the New Guinea Highlands which means, as far as I could determine, "small, insignificant bug with no other name." Apt, no?

As of this moment I believe that, barring some very unusual development, Hillary has already been chosen as our next President. The candidates and the election have already been orchestrated. I could, of course, be very wrong (I have a history of being wrong about Presidential elections). But consider what appear to be the facts: Hilary has far more money than any other candidate. Her money has certainly not come from peasants like you and me but obviously from the "big boys" in charge of elections and such. It is also being said that not only are her donors told to give her money but also not to give money to others, thus effectively shutting out her competitors. It is also unlikely that given the past few years under the Bush/Cheney Administration a Republican can win the Presidency in 2008. The corporate powers, knowing this, will be happy to settle for a Democrat like Hillary. Why? Because Hillary, like her husband before her, is Corporate friendly. She is also avidly pro Israel. Thus, being corporate friendly, pro-Israel, and loaded with more money than any other candidate will be able to raise, the die is cast. She will become the first woman President of the United States. And what of Bill, arguably one of the most popular people on earth? I suggest Secretary of State unless, of course, he stays in the White House to prepare dinners and dances. Hillary's Presidency is not going to come about because of some grass-roots movement to restore the Clinton's to the White House. It will come about because it is the will of our Corporate masters who see, in the Clintons, just what is needed after a failed Republican Administration. Also consider the treatment Hillary is getting from the MSM. Aside from Fox fake news it seems to be very positive. It is also the case, in all fairness to Hillary, that she is coming across as very knowledgeable, sensible, practical, and even Presidential. This is not meant to be an endorsement, merely a statement of what seems to me to be the facts of the matter at the moment. I cannot see how any of the other Democratic candidates can possible top her, either in fund raising, name recognition, or vision for America. And given that Corporate America has now decided that Universal Health Care is a go, that will propel her even farther.

The only possibility I can see that might upset her Presidential inevitability is if Al Gore should elect to run. Even so, I can't see this as a contest between Corporate desire and the man on the street. It would be more a decision as to who would be the most safisfactory candidate for the powers that be. Gore is big at the moment and some of the major corporations are coming around to the problem of global warming. They may well want to jump on the Oscar bandwagon.

Does any of this make sense? Stay tuned and see where it goes.

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