Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Words Fail

Now that Republicans have elevated dishonesty, hypocrisy, idiocy, and cowardice to previously unknown heights I fear our normal vocabulary is no longer sufficient to describe it all. For example, this morning I heard an interview on the radio during which one Republican (I did not catch his name) actually said. when complaining about Obama, “Our system is not designed for one party to refuse to negotiate.” That is, of course, true. But is he aware that for the past five years his own party has deliberately refused to negotiate with Obama, has refused to participate in governing our country, has announced their intention to defy the President of the United States at every opportunity, to destroy him, his legacy, and his administration? This is hypocrisy on such a grand scale it cannot be considered mere hypocrisy. But we have no word for such colossal hypocrisy. We can describe it perhaps as super-colossal hypocrisy, but only because of the absence of a word that promotes hypocrisy to a much higher level. Of course it is possible that he is simply unaware of what his own party has been doing for the past few years, but if so, he is super–colossally ignorant of reality, or he is, in fact , just super-colossally and deliberately hypocritical.

Similarly, the Republicans are now in the process of reducing reality to a level of nincompoopery never before seen. Many of them are arguing that if our government fails to pay its legally acquired bills that is really not a problem. This is carrying nincompoopery to the realm of the super-colossal, or idiocy to the level of the super-colossal, or stupidity into the realm of the unbelievably unbelievable. It is not entirely clear if their beliefs are merely the result of colossal stupidity or a deliberate strategy to destroy our government as their billionaire backers seem to want. In any case we now have assembled the largest group of super-colossal imbeciles ever assembled under one roof.

Republicans have also raised dishonesty to previously unknown levels. Politicians have always lied, but this approach to governing came into its heyday during the Bush/Cheney administration when telling the truth about anything at all was apparently considered taboo. This practice continues as those who lie know the media, controlled by their corporate masters, will never challenge them no matter how outrageous the lies. And so they tell super-colossal lies about Obamacare, about  Obama himself, about his birth certificate, nationality, religious affiliations, and “radical” political philosophy. It is not always easy to tell if they do this because they are so colossaly and abysmally ignorant, because they are hyper-colossal-racists,  or because they are rewarded for lying by their “minders.” They are relentless in their super-colossal attacks on everything Obama does, what his wife does, and of course they are super-colossally hypocritical about his vacations, golfing, and what-have-you.

When it comes to cowardice there is no precedent for the levels of it in the current Republican Party. They allow their party to be controlled by a small minority of super-colossally ignorant boobs with no real desire to accomplish anything other than the destruction of “government,” that  they were told by that super-colossal boob, Saint Ronnie the Moron, was their “enemy.” They are, by and large, “know-nothings” who have elevated know-nothingness to the status of political anarchy without understanding the meaning of that term. Republicans who claim to be more traditional, more moderate, more political responsible, cowardly stand by and allow these colossal morons to take over their party, fearful, I guess, that they might do something useful to save our nation from the clutches of Tea Party insanity (or lose their cushy jobs).

I find it difficult to believe that people can be punished for spitting on the street, urinating in public, possessing small amounts of a weed, stealing bread, driving without a license, and other such relatively minor infractions, but people who deliberately shut down our government, causing untold misery and harm to millions, perhaps even to the world-wide economy, cannot be arrested and charged with something, like perhaps treason, extortion, blackmail, racketeering, or even being public nuisances. It’s a strange world in which we live, I think we may need an entirely new vocabulary to deal with it. 

Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.

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