Monday, October 21, 2013

Homo Insaneiensis

Ho um, just another day in the life of homo Insaneiensis, a species so highly evolved technologically they have lost the ability to survive without it, and, more importantly, have also lost the ability to reason, govern themselves, and manage the tiny planet that supports them. They inhabit mostly the northern climes and have reached their highest development on the North American continent.  

We now know that in spite of all the lies we were told by BP, the oil spilled into the Gulf has produced an environmental disaster far more grave and (probably permanently) destructive than imagined (except for a few who realized from the beginning what a disaster was in the making). Of course the damage done by the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska still persists, a huge spill in the Dakotas recently went unreported for ten days, and oil spills of various kinds , many serious, happen with regularity. You might think a responsible species would have learned from these disasters, but apparently homo insaneiensis have not. They are still drilling deep water wells and are about to build an enormous pipeline to move dangerous oil from Canada to Texas so it can be sold on the world market and the Koch brothers can reap many billions in profits. It appears there is little advantage, if any, for the U.S., and the possibility of enormous damage when the pipeline bursts here and there as it inevitably will. It is possible for the species to wean itself from petroleum based energy but it requires effort, intelligence, and will, qualities no longer found among homo Insaneiensis.

We were also systematically lied to about the recent Fukushima melt down which we now know is a disaster far greater even than Three Mile and Chernoble. In fact, just how bad it may prove to be is still unknown and it will eventually pour massive quantities of radioactive poisons into the ocean. Contaminated fish are already reported being harvested off our West Coast. In spite of the unbelievable disaster still in the making from Fukushima we continue to run our nuclear plants even though we know many are unsound and could easily malfunction. There are still those who argue such plants are safe and would like to build even more (happily they are proving to be too expensive and more may not be constructed).  The mystery is why would anyone in their right mind want to continue using nuclear energy (or even petroleum, for that matter) knowing what we now know? But of course homo insaneniensis, by definition, are not in their right minds (or so I have concluded from many years of membership within the species).

There is also the problem of global warming, the greatest threat ever to face homo insaneiensis. Some 97% of all scientists agree that global warming is not only happening but is quite definitely linked to human activity. But little of note is being done to solve this problem, importantly due to some who refuse to believe scientific evidence and say that, just as “only God can make a tree,” so only God can determine the weather, science schmience. Of course those powerful entities most responsible for creating the problem are making so much short term profit they are unwilling to face reality and actively resist any remedial action. And as they now control our government they easily get their way.

Along the way homo insaneiensis have lost the ability to govern themselves. This accelerated degeneration began with Saint Ronnie the Moron, an ex President, who uttered the most mindless and infamous phrase that inspired it all:  “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.” This absolutely absurd pronouncement by perhaps the most typical member of the species fell on the ears of some other willing-to –believe-anything-morons and our degradation began in earnest. It continues as our by now increasingly dysfunctional government fails to manage even the simplest of our many challenges. In short, under years of our vaunted “Capitalism” we have devolved from being “civilized” to being “savages,” having bypassed the intermediate stage of “barbarism” entirely on the way down, in favor of returning more quickly to the “law of the jungle,” cannibalizing each other, sacrificing the many (including women and children) to reward the very few with wealth so obscene it cannot be adequately described. Karl Marx may well have been wrong about communism but he was surely right about capitalism.

I was stopped on the street of our little town today by a woman I recognized but do not really know. She informed me in all seriousness (and confidence) that very soon the banks would regulate how much money we could deposit or withdraw in any given period of time. They were doing this, she said with genuine conviction, “because the government is preparing to announce bankruptcy.” Sigh!

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