Sunday, October 20, 2013


 noun \si-ˈdi-shən\
: the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government
Full Definition of SEDITION
:  incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.
I gather this definition of sedition is merely a joke, or at the very least is a “crime” that is never prosecuted. What could possibly more seditious than Ted Cruz’s attack on Obamacare and the credit rating of the United States? In fact, what could be more seditious than McConnell’s plan to make President Obama a one term President, and the apparent agreement of all Republicans to refuse to cooperate on anything that Obama wanted to do?
I don’t know if there actually are laws against sedition (I assume there must be). Not that it would matter much as laws have been so routinely ignored and broken, especially since Bush/Cheney, they don’t seem to matter much anymore. I find it impossible to believe that a minority of Congresspersons can willfully and deliberately close down our government, irreparably harming millions of innocent citizens, and go completely unpunished. I mean, really, you can go to jail for stealing a loaf of bread or a six pack of beer, but you can substantially harm millions of your fellow citizens and go completely unpunished? Does this make any sense to anyone?
I guess I lack the depth of intellect to understand how such things can be. And I also lack the patience to deal with such criminality. As far as I am concerned Ted Cruz and his more ardent dittoheads should be arrested, jailed, and tried for sedition, if not blackmail, extortion, and perhaps even treason.
I think our system (of government) began to break down in earnest in 2000 when the Republican “Brown Shirts” descended on Florida, pounding on doors and yelling in order to stop the vote count. They should have been immediately arrested and charged with sedition or something of that nature and instructed that such behavior is not to be tolerated in a (presumably) democratic society. Then Bush/Cheney, who actually did not win the election, shoved all laws aside and did whatever they wished, contrary to the wishes of the American public and almost all other nations of the world. Attacking Iraq was clearly a war crime, torturing also, war profiteering, killing civilians, and so on all followed as the new Republican Mafia (the Brafia) came into its maturity. As they have never been held accountable for their “Nightmare years” it is not surprising their party has followed in their tradition of lawlessness and crime.
Actually, I believe it was during the Clinton years when the Republican Party slowly began to morph into a genuine criminal conspiracy rather than an ordinary political party. Although they failed to impeach Clinton they succeeded in keeping him from doing whatever it was he might have done to improve our country. It must have been also during this time that our elected officials decided that what the public desired was basically irrelevant to what they deemed important (getting re-elected, fundraising, following their corporate masters, etc.). They have followed this strategy religiously ever since, pretty successfully keeping President Obama from doing anything at all to improve the lot of ordinary citizens, creating jobs, improving education, infrastructure, and so on. Their (basically treasonous) behavior has harmed our nation in the eyes of the world, and has started us on an increasingly downward spiral. I guess they will not be content until they succeed in closing our government down.
I do not have much hope for our future. If democrats could take back the House it might help at least a bit, perhaps we could then shrink Grover Norquist and his absurd anti-government groupies enough to drown them in a bathtub and return to actual governing. Personally, I think things are so ridiculous at the moment they are unworthy of attention, hence I no longer pay much attention to the “news,” nor am I motivated to blog (as you may have noticed).

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