Friday, May 31, 2013

Where are the Adults?

Remember when we were kids and about to do something really stupid or worse, something you really, really, wanted to do in the worst way, but adults, your father or mother or other adults, would say “no.” It was so frustrating, even mean, but you would later realize they were right and eventually even thank them for saving you from yourself.
Where are the adults now that we need them more than ever? Where is someone, anyone, who can just say “no” when some of our so-called “leaders,” usually Republicans, propose truly idiotic schemes, ideas that are so obviously awful they are not really even worthy of consideration? For example, Republicans are proposing to double the interest on student loans. Students are already in debt for their schooling past the trillion dollar mark, a fact that is already having an adverse effect on our economy. This is so obvious there are some who are seriously proposing these debts be forgiven, or at least reduced. Ignore for the moment the fact that making students go into debt for their education is an idiotic practice in the first place, doubling their interest for loans under the existing circumstances is so truly stupid it deserves a resounding “no” with no further discussion. Alas, there seems to be no one with sufficient authority to do this, so we will waste time having to consider just another ridiculous Republican proposal we should have been spared.
Similarly, when roughly half the population is living on or near the poverty line, there is too much unemployment, and the economy is suffering, Republicans seem determined to cut food stamps at a time when the economy is stymied from not enough spending. It has been shown that for every one dollar spent on food stamps we put $1.70 into the economy, so from an economic standpoint it makes no sense to reduce food stamps when they are so vitally needed by so many. So if you are hungry and out of work, “Eat a Republican,” as they have no problem trying to cannibalize you.
Doubling student interest on loans and cutting food stamps are only two of the many stupid Republican ideas. They seem to have no idea that most of what they propose or oppose is potentially harmful to thousands of their fellow citizens. Either they fail to make a connection between slave wages and hardship, or between lack of health care and misery, or between food stamps and starvation, or they do understand the connection but just don’t care about poverty and suffering. It’s as if they deliberately want people to be miserable, unhealthy, or dead.
Why should we not have universal health care (a single payer system would be far less expensive and much more efficient that what we have now), why should we not have a decent minimum wage, why should we not help those less fortunate, why should the wealthy and corporations benefit from welfare paid for by the working class, why should there be such an obscene disparity between the rich and poor, why should we not have first-class superstructure, jobs, and etc., why, why, why? The only answer I can imagine is that they just plain don’t give a damn for anyone but themselves, they are greedy, selfish, thoughtless, short-sighted, lacking in empathy, and morally bankrupt. Unfortunately they also lack adult supervision.
Now you might think at least a modicum of supervision could be offered by Democrats, but they are too wishy-washy to act as adults, and have chosen mostly to just stand idly by while Republicans obstruct any and all efforts to improve things.

Obstruction, like procrastination, is a thief of time, but much more disruptive and destructive.

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