Sunday, May 05, 2013

Oh, Yeah, Please Do...

Run, that is. I have reached the point where I no longer know whether to describe something as the heighths of folly or the depths of folly. Take the recent articles, for example, that suggest that Ted Cruz may run for President or that Sarah Palin may run for the Senate. I would suggest that both of these “claims,” if they can even be called that, have more to do with the “news” businesss than they have to do with either Cruz or Palin. These “speculations,” rumors, or outright lies apparently give the people in the “media” something to write about other than the important things they should be writing about, lies about Iran, for example, or the continuing outrages perpetrated by the Israelis, or the facts of the Syrian situation, or the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan, both better left unsaid, stuff like that.
Neither Cruz nor Palin are going to run. I do not believe either of them have any intention of running. Indeed, the very idea they might run is basically ridiculous. It is pretty clear that neither one of them has any ambition to actually “govern.” They are both egomaniacal exhibitionists that seek the spotlight at every opportunity, that’s it. Palin, the greatest charlatan of all, has already demonstrated her disinterest in governing by serving only half her term as Alaska Governor. She is not going to give up being a “celebrity,” and the easy money it has made for her, for anything as onerous as having to actually do something. And she must know she is very ill-equipped to compete with others when it comes to serious issues of policy. It’s easy to just bitch and complain about President Obama and others, not so easy to offer serious advice about something better to do. I guess her Tea Party supporters have not yet figured out she is basically just a fraud, a know-nothing spokesperson for lines fed to her by others, a performer. With her shrill fishwives voice and mackerel brain she would become a laughingstock in the Senate. Let her stick to the NRA holding her moose and wolf killing rifle in her “cold, dead, hands” like that other moron of the NRA, what’s-his-name, oh yeah, the make-believe Moses, Charleston Heston.
As far as Ted Cruz goes, and that is not , I think, very far, he will turn out  to be another “flash-in-the-pan,” a loudmouth jerk doing his best imitation of Joe McCarthy, and we know how far that eventually got Joe. Cruz not only sounds like McCarthy, he even looks like him, or at least he does to me. In the four short months he has been in the Senate he has not only made himself unpopular with Democrats but even with his own party. And of course four months in the Senate is plenty of experience to become President (unfortunately, this is probably true, as there seem to be no prerequisites whatsoever for that  office, neither brains, experience, talent, language skills, morals, ethics, or compassion seem to matter, although congeniality measured by his/her beer-drinking companionship is important).
I wonder, if apart from the publicity they get from our (pretend) news companies, if either Palin or Cruz really have the support of many citizens. Palin obviously has at least some support, at least in places like Northern Idaho, where you sometimes see a bumper sticker that simply proclaims “Sarah,” an apparent euphemism for “I am an idiot.” Of course Cruz, being from Texas, cannot be considered seriously by anyone outside of that bizarre state, except maybe also in Oklahoma. Texas has a history of electing only the best in the lower percentiles, think George W. Bush, Rick Perry, and above all, the fabulous Louie Gohmert. I keep wishing that Texas, Oklahoma, and some other southern states really would secede. I bet we could soon buy them back for pennies on the dollar, if anyone was foolish enough to do so.
Anyway, as our MSM have long since abandoned any pretense of being seriously about the “News,” I suppose Cruz and Palin gives them at least something to occupy their time. It appears this may be replaced now, at least for a time, by the crucifixion of Hillary Clinton in the flames of Benghazi (she may run for President in 2016, striking fear and terror into Republicans everywhere, hence the “Benghazi defense”) . Stay tuned for what will no doubt be the dirtiest, filthiest, most disgusting and degrading Presidential campaign ever, “Roviation” at its worst. Being a Clinton, a woman, and a (sort of) Liberal, she may encourage women to vote and mass her troops for the “war on women,” a fate for Republicans worse than death. Wheee!


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