Monday, May 06, 2013

Liberal Pipe Dreams

Liberals, being Liberals, seem to be unable to understand that other people are not really like them. This seems to be true even of semi, or quasi, or part time, or even pretend Liberals, like President Obama for example. Obama may in fact be the worst when it comes to this handicap. He keeps insisting there is only one America, that he will achieve bipartisan support, at least on important matters that have to do with the good of the nation. He keeps insisting there are no Democrats or Republicans, no Blacks and Whites, no divisions at all, we are basically just one people with the best interest of the nation at heart. Other Liberals, I believe, tend to share this optimistic view of the American people. They are apparently constitutionally unable to believe otherwise in spite of the evidence this is manifestly untrue.
Republicans are opposed to any taxes on the filthy rich and the huge corporations that now control he world, they are opposed to labor unions, unemployment insurance, food stamps, Planned Parenthood, child care, public education,  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage laws, and virtually anything that would benefit the “lower classes,” the working poor, common laborers, and even government itself. This obviously poses a grave problem for Liberals who strive endlessly to achieve programs that would improve the common good. Why they keep trying in the face of such total opposition I do not know. I guess it is what they feel they must do, it is part of governing, it is what they presumably exist for. And because it is what they exist for they cannot understand why others do not feel the same way. They think, for example, that if they keep bringing up sensible gun regulations, eventually the Republican opposition will see the truth and join them, if they try to create jobs Republicans will likewise see the need and join them, if they keep trying to fund Planned Parenthood, Republicans will see the light and eventually join them, if they strive for universal health care, they will eventually succeed in overcoming Republican opposition because, of course, all Americans should wish for such things, because, after all, we are all one people, we all want the same things, and so on.
It should be apparent by now that this Liberal dream of looking out for the people is based on truly false assumptions, namely the assumption that we are all one in wanting to improve the lot of ordinary citizens, in governing, in making a world in which there is equal opportunity for all, in which there is a thriving Middle Class, in which our children are cared for, education is important, the elderly are cared for, and so on and on. What they fail to understand is that Republicans DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THESE GOALS, and in fact are willing to go to any lengths to prevent them.
Have you ever seen any Republican plans for taking care of children or the elderly? Have you ever seen any Republican plans for universal health care? Have you ever seen any Republican plan for putting the Middle Class back to work, raising wages, unemployment  insurance, food stamps, child care? Do they ever promote anything other than smaller government and fewer taxes? Of course not, and why not? The answer is simple enough, THEY DO NOT  CARE ABOUT  SUCH THINGS. They do not care if children and old people suffer, if people die because they lack health care, if people go hungry and live in poverty. If you can’t  afford health insurance, tough. If you can’t afford child care, tough, if you need an abortion, tough, just suffer and die, proletariat scum. They have theirs, and they will never cease trying to suck whatever remaining blood you have to be theirs as well. If they can they will eventually privatize everything: the land, the water, energy, food, health care, Social Security, even sex and the air we breathe. One of our wealthy CEO’s said just the other day we have no right to water! They have become so powerful and so brazen they no longer even pretend to be interested in public welfare, the public be damned, profit is the only important goal. We are a culture, I fear, gone mad with greed and power, in which the concept of community has disappeared entirely, to be replaced with the most primitive principles of dog-eat-dog mentality and the survival of the wealthiest. Such a culture cannot survive for long and I believe we are seeing at the moment the beginnings of the end.

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