Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why do It?

I cannot help but wonder why it is Republicans do the things they do. The Michigan legislature, for example, a lame duck bunch if ever there was one, has been busy passing all kinds of things that they have to know are not popular and not in the public interest, anti union stuff, anti abortion stuff, and so on. It is pretty clear that these things (I do not know what else to call them) are eventually going to have to be changed which will result more or less in their being returned to their original form. I cannot believe these idiots can possibly believe they are going to pass things that are going to stay passed and that will eventually be overturned. So what is the point of passing them in the first place? The only outcome of this lame duck nonsense will be to create confusion and waste a great deal of time. Perhaps that is what they intended. I cannot see any other purpose in passing things that the public does not want just because you have the temporary means to do so.
Similarly, why is Boehner holding up the vote in the House that would maintain the tax breaks for 98% of the taxpayers. He must know this is inevitable, it is going to happen, and holding it up merely creates an enormous waste of time and also does nothing to improve the image of Republicans. So why does he do it? He cannot possibly believe that by doing this he is going to stop Obama from raising the tax rate on multi-millionaires and billionaires. Maybe it is true that he is simply waiting either for the very last minute to demonstrate to his Tea Partyers that he did what he could, maybe he is waiting until he is re-elected as Speaker of the House, maybe he is just helpless in the hands of idiots. In any case this is just another complete waste of time. The House could be co-operating in doing the public’s business but I guess they are too busy doing what they are being bribed to do. This is most certainly not the way our so-called democracy is supposed to work.
I hope John McCain and his creepy little sidekick, Lindsey Graham, are happy with their disgusting “victory” over Susan Rice. I’m not at all certain she was the best person for the job of Secretary of State, but I do know their attack on her was vicious and unfounded. First of all, contrary to their slanderous remarks, she was eminently qualified for the job. Second, their attempt to characterize her as stupid merely revealed their own stupidity. A graduate of Stanford, a Rhodes Scholar, a Ph.D. from Oxford, 20 years of successful public service does not indicate stupidity on her part. They could have attacked her on her record but by attacking her as a person, knowing that as U.N. Ambassador she could not easily fight back, they simply revealed their cowardice (and most probably racism). McCain is, among other things, a vindictive poor loser. Rice apparently at one time made some remarks against him, and of course Obama defeated him in the election, so mounting this sleazy attack on her helped him get revenge on both of them.
So here we are again, starting to talk about 2016 even though the 2012 election is barely over. I think this is ridiculous. But as everyone is doing it I guess I will comment. Will Hillary run for President in 2016? Yes, I believe she will. She no doubt deserves and requires some rest for her many hectic years in public life, but I cannot believe that a woman as ambitious as Hillary will pass up the chance to become the first female President of the United States. And, if Obama has a successful second term and then supports her, along with her husband, she should easily win (not that running for President should be considered easy). If she were running and the election was coming up soon she would certainly win. I can’t see any potential Republican candidate that could beat her, and if Republicans run the same kind of second and third rate candidates they ran this time they would fully deserve another beating.

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