Sunday, December 09, 2012

Is it Possible?

Can it be that perhaps, maybe, possibly, hopefully, incredibly, Bibi Yahoo has finally gone too far and the world community will react so strongly he will have to back down? I know this seems improbable, but apparently his new settlement plan involves building 3000 new Israeli homes on the one last strip of land that will render a two state solution impossible. It does seem to be the case that virtually everyone is now outraged about this latest Israeli war crime. I assume this means that anyone or everyone interested in the two state solution, if they are truly committed to that, will have to intervene or just acknowledge there will not be such a solution. Will the U.S., that has claimed all along to favor the two state solution, and is the one power that might be able to do something about this latest outrage, finally  take meaningful action against it? I wouldn’t bet on it.
What will happen if Israel is allowed to actually build these homes and kill the possibility of a viable Palestinian state? It seems to me there are only two alternatives: (l) the result will be an Israel that has managed to fracture the Palestinian community into a bunch of small, insignificant communities spread out over the fringe, or (2) a one state apartheid nation with a large population of second class citizens that will eventually outnumber the Israelis. This second possibility will eventually mean the end of any pretense of a Jewish state, the first will probably mean the same thing but only after a much longer time span. Personally, I think Netanyahu’s decision to build these settlements is basically suicidal, but there seems to be no limit to his colonialism and greed. President Obama has once again asked Israel not to further expand their settlements, but if he does not act drastically to prevent it he will once again simply be baying at the moon. Of course even if he tries to take serious steps against this latest Israeli outrage our nitwit Congress that mindlessly supports all Israeli war crimes will probably block him from doing much of anything. We will probably see dega vu all over again, all talk, no action. The Israeli tail not only wags the U.S. dog, it apparently wags the entire world community as well. All hail Benjamin Netanyhu, Dictator of the Middle East!
Things here on the home front don’t seem to be doing much better. Republicans apparently cannot accept that Obama won the election and is trying to do the bidding of the American public. They cannot give up their support for the billionaires and multi-millionaires that are keeping them in office. One would think their obsessive concern for protecting the obscenely wealthy was entirely irrational were it not for the fact they are being paid generously to do so. And many of them simply cannot accept a Black President no matter what he does. They cannot hide their racism no matter how many code words and innuendoes they employ. Their racism, along with their homophobia, will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird as the younger generations do not accept it. Out of the mouths of babes does, indeed, come wisdom.
Winter seems finally to have come to Sandhill. We now have snow that stays on the ground and it is cold, not North Dakota or Minnesota cold, but cold. I think it was 15 degrees this morning, there is ice on our country road, and I suppose it will stay this way until about March. I don’t mind the snow. I hate the ice, and I don’t really like being cold (age, I guess). I also confess to not being enthralled by the holiday season, the period from November through New Year’s Eve seems to be much more ado about merchandising and not so much about good cheer, fellowship, and peace on earth in spite of the pretense. It will be harder this year without my wonderful wife, but I have a fine son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. I count my blessings.

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