Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Depths of Despicable

Anyone who has followed or read this blog for any length of time knows that there is no love here for Republicans. I guess it is only fitting that my final blog of 2012 deals with their final descent into the depths of the despicable. When Mitch McConnell tried to introduce a change in the Social Security CPI at the last moment into the current ongoing negotiations it was clear Republicans have finally reached not only the depths of the despicable but also the depths of depravity. It is true they quickly backed down from this despicable attempt, but the fact that McConnell could even consider bringing it up in the current context of negotiations is indicative of their callous attitude towards the middle class and the poor. This change they wanted in the CPI would have meant thousands of dollars taken from those on Social Security who need those funds the most. Not only that, it would have taken money away from the widows of our now deceased military personnel! You cannot , I think, fall much lower than that. They would have us take money from those who need it the most in order to give more money to a relatively small number of people who already have so much money they could literally be buried under piles of it. This would be not only despicable but would give new and added meaning to the adjective “vile.”
What is with these people anyway? Didn’t they have parents? I would certainly hope their parents did not instill in them this contempt for the middle class and the poor. Perhaps they did but I doubt it. Republicans have not been this despicable before, they used to be actually a serious and relatively sensible bunch when it comes to governing and looking after the middle class and the poor. Even Richard Nixon had a plan to help the less fortunate although it never came to fruition. I think the Republican descent into depravity and the despicable began with our idiot President, Saint Ronnie, who apparently had the mind of a six-year-old. Saint Ronnie, oblivious to reality, tilted at the windmills of welfare queens, unions, and government in general, and managed to damage our politics in ways that still continue. Even so, it was not until the Clinton Presidency that the Republican Party began to change from a serious political party into a kind of political mafia determined to use any means to bring down Clinton. They have been going downhill ever since, employing literally any means to gain power, suppressing the vote, changing the rules, gerrymandering, lying, roviating, bribing, holding hostages, and employing every dirty trick they can to get illegally and immorally what they cannot achieve legitimately.
Contemporary Republicans seem to lack even a semblance of empathy, sympathy, or even basic understanding. They apparently think that changing the CPI is just a matter of abstract negotiation with no effect on human beings. Perhaps they just don’t think at all. How could anyone be so callous as to suggest taking money away from war widows, seniors who depend on Social Security, the handicapped? Such Republicans are not only not fit to govern, they are not fit even to be in human society. Indeed, they make a mockery of the very concept of society. I confess I cannot understand them. I find the idea that they would prefer to take money from those with the least to insure more money for those with the most totally incomprehensible, so far-fetched as to make me question their sanity, so absurd as to believe they can’t really be serious. But apparently it is true, they seem to be willing to go to any lengths, even risking the nation itself, to preserve more money for those who already have most of it. It defies reason, defies reality, defies even common sense. It is, in short, crazy. And yet, it is, and it continues, and it threatens our national well-being, and these Frankenstein type monsters just don’t seem to care. Where did they come from, these people? I cannot believe their parents sent them to Washington to take away our safety nets, to throw the middle class and the poor under the bus, to attempt to destroy the fabric of our culture. What can they possibly be thinking, assuming they think at all?
The great weakness of our system is there is no way of getting rid of these monsters at least until 2014, and as they have successfully stacked the deck in their favor perhaps not even then. So we muddle on hopelessly mired in utter nonsense with no end in sight. SO HAPPY NEW YEAR! Things probably can’t get much worse.
Mark Twain

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