Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Do They Hate Us?

Why do they hate us? Let me suggest some ways, merely by perusing the internet this morning:

First there is the issue of the drones, quite possibly at the moment the main reason we are hated.

Then there is the U.S. demand (get this, DEMAND) that Lebanon change its government.

The U.S. has issued new kill lists.

U.S. troops kill four children.

The U.S. seeks more demands (DEMANDS) before entering into talks with Iran.

The NYPD has been paying people to “bait” Muslims.

Romney, who could possibly become our next President, has suggested that Ahmadinejad should be prosecuted for anti-Israel statements (one of the most fantastic and unprecedented proposals ever suggested by a candidate for President of a country that prides itself on free speech, a suggestion so profoundly ignorant it should automatically disqualify the speaker from holding any office above that of, say, dogcatcher).

Not stupid enough, Romney also has claimed that Russia is our most important geopolitical foe, a claim sure to improve our relations with that great and powerful country. Stupid is as stupid does, especially when apparently still living in the 1950”s.

Let us continue down the road of stupidity. Romney would also, on his first day in office, proclaim China (probably the next most powerful nation on earth) a currency manipulator that is not playing by the rules. China has thoughtfully replied, the rules the U.S. suggests are rules that are completely pro-American (we would never do that, would we?). This idea also indicates an obliviousness to the symbiotic relationship between our two countries that is fundamental to our survival. It is common knowledge that Romney has no foreign policy experience. He apparently has no brain either.

Now we have learned that Israel, our “greatest ally,” that we uncritically support no matter how criminal, has been systematically starving the more than a million Palestinians they have herded into the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military calculated how many calories a Palestinian in Gaza would need per day to adequately survive and then reduced the amount to malnutrition levels, an idea they must have learned from the Holocaust.

These are merely a few examples of our benign foreign policy, spreading democracy around the globe, continuing to do well by doing good.

There is a really fine article on this subject by Morton Abramowitz, that appears in the November/December issue of The National Interest, “How America Exceptionalism Dooms U. S. Foreign Policy.” Everyone should read it.

Our completely ridiculous, utterly absurd, seemingly endless carnival-like extravaganza considered to be the campaign for our Presidency continues with only a couple of weeks to go. It is said, mysteriously, to be a very close race. In any case, let the Obamaramadrama continue to overcome the forces of ignorance, greed, and hate.

The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too.

Oscar Levant

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