Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Endorses Obama!

Well, of course that isn’t exactly true. But if I was a columnist for some important publication, covering the debate last night, that would have been my headline. I know there will always be differences of opinion about everything, but how anyone could possibly argue that Romney won or even did well during last night’s debate is a mystery to me. Apparently Romney and his advisors have decided there is no way he can win following the Tea Party line so they have given him license to pretend to be a peace candidate while following more closely to the Obama line. I guess they think peace is more appealing to women than the usual bellicosity Romney has been spouting all these months. Romney seemed to just agree with everything Obama has been doing, playing it safe, trying desperately not to offend anyone. While Republicans are trying to spin this as a victory for Romney, or at least a tie, there is no doubt he lost the debate badly. Republicans seem to think that as he survived the debate at all somehow that is a victory.

One of the main themes I have heard from Republicans is that Romney appeared Presidential and that was his main objective. I don’t think he looked Presidential at all, he looked nervous and out of his depth, and merely agreeing with everything Obama was doing was hardly Presidential. His performance may have been intended to make him look Presidential but as far as I am concerned he looked completely out of touch, uninformed, and rather stupid. I would not have thought it possible to find a candidate for President worse than Nixon , Carter, Reagan, and George W. Bush, but Romney has surpassed them all in being the worst by far in my lifetime. It is easy to forget that even his own party didn’t want him, tried desperately to find someone else, are not even now enthusiastic about him, but are stuck with him and have no choice but to support him even though he is basically hopeless, a spoiled rich kid bully now taking his turn in the Republican barrel. The MSM continues to insist this is going to be a neck-and-neck race, a virtual tie, and so on. I don’t believe it. At least I do not see how it can possibly be that close unless you assume that fully 50% of the voting public are absolute lunatics who think voting is something you do just for fun. I resist believing there are enough racist White men to offset the votes of Blacks, Latinos, Women, Elders, Students, and other minorities. But maybe they aren’t all racists who don’t want a Black President. Maybe they are just voting against their wives and uppity women in general. As one of my neighbors is fond of saying, “Who knows what goes on in the mind of a baboon?”

A Black woman was assaulted and set on fire in a park by three men dressed in white robes who also spelled out KKK on the hood of her car. The FBI is said to be considering this as a POSSIBLE hate crime! Really?

Anyway, look on the bright side. This absurd contest will be over in two weeks now and we will be able to start over afresh on the 2016 election. Whee! More billions wasted, more time wasted, more utter nonsense, more lies, anything to distract us from actually having to seriously govern ourselves. I guess the best we can hope for now is perhaps some form of benevolent Fascism.

Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too.
Richard M. Nixon

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