Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Big Lie Continues

The Republicans may actually get away with the greatest falsehood of all time, President Obama has failed to create jobs. I realize that when things go wrong the President, being the one at the top, is usually blamed. It is true that unemployment remains above 8%, but blaming this on the President is ridiculous, especially given the facts of the matter. The idea that the President is uniquely responsible for creating jobs is, at best, a gross oversimplification, but in this particular case hypocrisy is carried to heretofore unknown heights. Republicans have refused to cooperate with Obama at every turn, have opposed every attempt he has made to improve the employment situation, and now have the continued audacity to blame him for the problem. The employment situation can easily be remedied if Republicans would make any effort to help, if instead of opposing every jobs bill, for no other reason that they want to see Obama fail, they would seriously cooperate to solve the problem. The fact that they are far more responsible than Obama for the high unemployment rate is bad enough, but their continued hypocrisy on the subject I find infuriating, especially as it is so obvious but no one seems to zero in on the truth of the matter. In effect Republicans have conspired to destroy the economy and are now boasting of their success by attempting to use the situation for their advantage. I personally find this absolutely disgusting.

The first debate is not until tomorrow evening. I am already sick of hearing about it. Both sides have been rehearsing for days as if this is to be the opening night of the greatest play ever written when, in fact, it is unlikely to have much of an effect on anyone, especially the outcome of the coming election. It is just another part of the great charade we have been witnessing for the past three years. Indeed, it is so “last year” we are now already discussing who will run in 2016. Will it be Hillary, perhaps Christie, maybe Santorum again, Ryan, that weird Governor of Texas, maybe even Bachmann, who, who, who? Who cares as long as it keeps us all entertained for the next few years. Ultimately it will be whoever the powers that be decide who will best serve their interests, another fake contest in our pretend democracy. Whoever the “Chosen” turns out to be, don’t expect any but a few cosmetic changes. As Americans we have basically abandoned any serious attempt to maintain our system of government, half the people don’t even bother to vote, most that do vote have little or no real information about what is going on, citizens are so increasingly “out of the loop” they might as well not even exist, and the true fascist state is more and more imminent. All three branches of our government are virtually out of democratic control and merely perform the tasks they are given by those who pay them. The “best government you can buy” is no longer merely sarcasm.

So here we are in 2012 faced with the same choice of two undesirable candidates for the most powerful figurehead position in the world, the usual lesser of two evils, not exactly the choice of a lifetime. It appears that Obama will probably win, perhaps he will improve the situation of the middle class a bit, all the while sending his immoral drones around the world killing innocents and creating more hatred of our colonial government, incarcerating people at will, ignoring our suicidal capitalistic behavior, blissfully creating more hatred and ill will everywhere we go, waiting for Armageddon.

I am sick of hearing Romney, Ryan, and other Republicans complaining about “entitlements,” expecting to have health insurance, minimum wages, unemployment insurance, social security, medicare, and other such social programs. People should be entitled to such things, that is the whole point of living in a decent, caring, moral, and responsible community, it should be the major function of government to provide such things for their citizens. Wealthy capitalists, sitting on the loot they have gathered from the blood, sweat and tears of those they have exploited, do not exist in the same jungle as others, do not understand it, have ceased to respect it, and think they are the “entitled.”

Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.

John Kenneth Galbraith

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