Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Shame, Shame, Shame!

I believe I have been a loyal and patriotic American all my life, but I must say I am ashamed of my country at the moment. The United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has given the Palestinians full membership in that organization. The response of the United States has been to cut off all financial aid to that organization. I find this absolutely shameful. The Palestinians are not going to be allowed to participate in Educational, Scientific, and Cultural matters? What kind of nonsense is this? Our objection to their membership apparently has to do with the fear that if they are allowed into this part of the United Nations it will help them eventually obtain full membership as an independent nation. We are opposed to this also, in spite of the fact that we have long called for a two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem in which the latter would be an independent nation. How does one understand this seeming contradiction? Because of the feeble argument that somehow a unilateral solution of this kind would be a hindrance to the peace process, that, it is argued, can only come about with negotiations between the two parties involved themselves, Israel and the Palestinians. I say “feeble” because the reason the Palestinians have adopted this strategy is because of the failure of Israel to negotiate in good faith for year after year. It is no secret that Israel would like to maintain the status quo forever while they continue to plunder more and more Palestinian land and water. There is no reason to believe Israel is going to behave any differently unless they are forced to do so by outside forces. The United States has for years claimed to be the only nation capable of making the Israelis comply with the desires of the United Nations for peace in the region, but it is now apparent that the U.S. bias in favor of Israel makes a mockery of the claim to be a neutral party. We continue to do the bidding of Israel like a loyal little puppy dog state incapable of even taking care of our own interests which are not necessarily the same as those of Israel. This is both pathetic and shameful.

Now there is talk again of a unilateral Israel strike against Iran, ostensibly to destroy Iran’s nuclear program that, according to the Israelis is an existential threat to them. I do not believe that Israel would attack Iran without the consent of the United States. If we consent to this it will be a far more shameful act than the above. The only threat to Israel involved is the fact that Iran will gain more influence in the Middle East, not that they are going to attack Israel with nuclear weapons or anything else. This would of course reduce the influence of the U.S. in the region as well, but military action against Iran would be a horrendous mistake and is completely unnecessary except perhaps as psychiatric therapy for Israeli paranoia (and greed). An attack on Iran by Israel would necessarily involve the U.S. as we slavishly do whatever bidding the Israelis wish even when it would not truly be in our own best interest. If we allow an attack on Iran by Israel, and if we join in such a dastardly deed, it will be shameful beyond belief.

Speaking of shame, however, I must insist there has never been a more shameful performance in American politics than the behavior of the Republican Party for the past twenty years. During the Clinton Presidency what was the Republican Party began to slowly morph into little more than a criminal cartel intent on taking over permanent control of the United States by any means necessary. They failed in their attempt to defeat Clinton but they did manage to prevent him from accomplishing much of anything. Then, during the Bush/Cheney Administration they nearly did accomplish the complete takeover of our country, ignoring law and constitution alike, along with international law, basically swindling the Middle Class and the poor out of everything they could, illegally attacking Iraq, murdering and torturing at will, along with other shameful war crimes and profiteering. When Obama was elected President they immediately proclaimed they would not cooperate, would vote “no” on everything, and announced publically their goal of making him a one term President. They have stuck to their pledge to the serious, almost fatal detriment of our country and may perhaps succeed. They have put party before country on every occasion, continue to do so, and now they have the audacity to criticize Obama for doing what they themselves have been doing all along, failing to lead and to govern. They have deliberately blocked every effort by Obama to improve conditions for working Americans, including creating jobs, and they have the nerve to ask “where are the jobs?” This is not merely shameful it is disgusting and they must be held accountable for it. It is my sincere desire to see them swept from office in a landslide in the coming elections, reduced to the point where they can be “drowned in the bathtub,” and shut out of the power to do any more damage to our country.

When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.

George Bernard Shaw

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