Friday, November 04, 2011


With every passing day we are plunged further into the mysterious, tangled, confused, and weird jungle of Republican Bizzaroland. It is difficult for me (and I would hope many others) to understand what these strange Republican creatures are thinking. Herman Cain, the current front runner for the Republican nomination, is in increasing trouble over accusations of sexual peccadillos, and has now announced publicly (and proudly) that he is “a brother of the Koch brothers through a different mother.” The Koch brothers are perhaps the most visible and despised symbol of what it is that is causing the 99% to be marching in and occupying the streets of cities all over the country (and in other countries as well). How or why he and his supporters think this is going to help him become elected President of the United States is mysterious indeed. At the very moment the Koch brothers are despised by the vast majority, Cain is proudly announcing his loyalty to them. There is also the matter of possible illegal campaign donations involving the Cain brothers.

If that is not bad enough, Romney, the other current front runner, has now made a speech in which he promises to do virtually everything the 99% are against: do away with Social Security, Planned Parenthood, Public radio, “Obamacare,” I guess most all regulations having to do with business, do away with taxes, especially the inheritance tax, and more. This was apparently a speech made to a group of Tea Partiers in order to convince them that he is really just one of them. As everyone knows Romney would probably betray his own mother if it would get him the Presidency, it is unlikely the Tea Party group are convinced. Even if Romney believes this rather outrageous speech might help him get the nomination it will surely ruin any chance he might have to win the general election. When you couple this with his unbelievably hawkish ideas about the Middle East and the Pentagon it will make it even more impossible for him to ever become President.

Both Cain and Romney seem to represent what the Republican Party desires at the moment, and their bizarre behavior simply mirrors that of the Republicans in Congress who have resisted every attempt to create jobs or do much of anything else in their obsessive focus on making Obama a one-time President (however much damage this does to our country). It does seem to me the Republicans, including Cain and Romney, are embarked on a suicidal mission to destroy their party for years to come. They will almost certainly suffer serious losses in the 2012 election, but that is little help in the meantime, and Obama is right when he insists we cannot wait for them to act. Strangely enough, at the moment the polls show Obama and Romney in a dead heat for the Presidency (assuming Romney does become the Republican candidate). I cannot believe that when actually faced with such a choice a majority will vote for the Republican. If they do after all that has transpired in the last twenty years we are surely doomed. As Cain’s attempt will surely fail, and as Romney seems to be no more satisfactory, there are still those who still (apparently wishfully) think of someone else. Can Perry overcome his many problems? Even with all his money I doubt it. Will Newt Gingrich become “the flavor of the month?” I can’t believe it. Somewhere I read that Saint Sarah of Alaska is still not out of the picture. I don’t believe it. She has said that the “OWS wants to solve their problems by using other people’s money.” Don’t reflect too long on that, the depth of stupidity and misunderstanding is so awesome it may twist your mind permanently. Very few have ever believed Ron Paul would get anywhere. Huntsman, the only one of the bunch who believes in science and global warming has been spurned by the Party of Nitwits, Roehmer and Johnson have not been allowed to play, Santorum is pathetic as a candidate, as is Bachmann, and it is probably too late for anyone to actually enter the race. As many have predicted all along, it will probably be Romney by default.

For the first time in years I think I am beginning to feel slight tweaks of optimism. It seems to me the OWS phenomenon is finally beginning to wake everyone up to the criminal conspiracy that has taken over our country, especially during the Bush/Cheney years, what I call the “Nightmare Years.” Bank of America has had to back down on their attempt to impose a new ridiculous fee on their customers. OWS members have even occupied McConnell’s office, bankers and brokers are obviously beginning to worry, and the movement shows no signs of going away. Wall Street seems to be hoping that when winter comes the movement will either die or at least wither. That’s fine, they should just use the winter to organize, raise more support, and announce in no uncertain terms a Spring offensive that will make what has happened so far look like a picnic. When forty Republican members of the House sign a letter rejecting their signed promise to Grover Norquist and admitting they are willing to consider raising revenue I think that is a big deal. I guess they may have finally realized the imbecility of signing such a pledge in the first place, but in any case this should be a great help in the future. The unemployment rate has dropped to an even 9%, not great but in the right direction. Imagine what employment would be if it had not been for the Republican controlled House of Representative and their refusal to allow Obama even the slightest victory. You may have your doubts about Obama, but “he’s the only game in town.” I do believe we are now “on the right track.”

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

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