Monday, November 08, 2010

Yes! Right! No Compromise!

Although I doubt President Obama and the Democrats are up to it, now is the time to say, as the Republicans are saying, NO compromise. If ever there was a time for the Democrats to call some bluffs this is it. If the Republicans insist tax cuts should be extended for the upper 2% of the population, those with more money than they could possibly ever use, tax extensions that would plunge our nation 700 billion dollars further in debt, let them go ahead and sit on that demand. There is absolutely no justification for such an absurd policy, none (except their fairy tales about it helping the economy), and there is no doubt this is an issue Democrats would win by a landslide. Similarly, if Republicans are serious about trying to repeal the recent health care legislation, let them try it. Let’s have a vote on it. If they want to tell 30 million people who did not have health insurance and now have it they should not have it, let ‘em. If they want to tell people with existing conditions they cannot have health care insurance now, let ‘em do it. If Republicans want to shut down the government, as they are threatening to do, let ‘em try it, we know how successful they were last time they tried such a ridiculous thing. If they want to continue to filibuster every proposal the Democrats want to pass, let ‘em do it. If they want to continue to obstruct every attempt Obama makes to do something to improve things for the middle class, let ‘em. I have no doubt that on almost all of these issues the Democrats would win easily. So far Obama and the Democrats have been unwilling to stand up for their beliefs. Obama in particular seems to be oblivious to the fact that Republicans hate him, want to destroy him and his Presidency, and are never going to compromise on anything that will make him successful. I know of no explanation for this, unless he truly does believe Republicans, like Democrats, Independents, and others, have the best interest of our nation and citizens at heart. He apparently cannot bring himself to believe they can possibly be so selfish, so greedy, so lustful for power, so uninterested in our nation and its people, so disgustingly willing to put party before national interest, that they would refuse to compromise or do what is right and proper. While such noble beliefs about others might get him some points in heaven, here on earth they are going to get him nothing but contempt and a one-term Presidency. As the song goes, you have to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. This is definetly the time for Democrats to hold ‘em.

What is it about President Obama that makes him apparently unwilling to fight for the very things he claims to believe in. He says he wants DADT abolished but does virtually nothing to bring this about, in spite of the fact that a majority of public opinion wants it abolished, senior military officers want it abolished, Secretary Gates wants it abolished, most of our military personnel could care less, but Obama does nothing other than merely repeat he wants it abolished. He said he wanted a single-payer health care system but refused to fight for it. He said he would close Guantanamo but hasn’t done so. He claims to support Gay rights but does nothing. He seems to be all sound and no fury, to lack, as we say, “fire in the belly.” I think he is blind to the fact that while there OUGHT to be bipartisanship in government, in fact, certainly at the moment, there is not.

George W. Bush’s Memoir, or whatever it is supposed to be, is to be released tomorrow. I gather he has already been on some talk shows promoting it although I have not personally seen any. I must confess I would never buy such a work, nor will I ever read it. As far as I am concerned, “Dubya” has never told the truth about anything, so why would his book be any different? The one thing he is apparently telling the truth about, indeed, even boasting about, is ordering torture. Torture is a war crime. There is no doubt about this. Attacking another country pre-emptively, that is not a threat to you, is the most basic of war crimes. Bush/Cheney promoted both of these things, among others, and are guilty as it is possible to be of war crimes, yet they openly boast about it and the Obama administration does nothing whatsoever except protect them. I firmly believe that both Obama and Holder are themselves guilty of war crimes, or at least of aiding and abetting them. I am certain the rest of the world has nothing but contempt for our hypocrisy on this front but, of course, being dependent upon the U.S. for one thing or another, cannot really make much of an issue of it. For me, this is a national disgrace, a shameful history that should not be allowed to be re-written. Nor should Bush/Cheney be allowed to be seen historically as anything other than what they were, war criminals, plain and simple.

There was an old woman
who lived in a shoe,
she had no children,
she knew what to do.

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