Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Will anything ever actually happen?

There is so much going on at the moment I am beginning to wonder if anything will ever happen. Or are we just caught up in some kind of nightmarish surreal time-warp in which things just don't ever end? It would appear that if Bush/Cheney have their way the "war" in Iraq will never end. And certainly the "war on terrorism" will never end. And of course if they get their way and attack Iran you can be certain that war of some kind will never end, at least not in our lifetimes.

Will the controversy over the "surge" ever end, or will it manage to drag itself on endlessly with the Democrats unwilling to exercise their constitutional powers to bring it to an end? Supporters of Bush/Cheney keep harping on the same old nonsense about not supporting the troops. No one is in favor not supporting the troops. Do they really believe we are going to leave our troops there with no ammunition, no supplies, nothing to protect themselves with? Of course that will never happen. It is absurd to even suggest such a thing. But what ought to happen is we should use the funds already appropriated to BRING THEM HOME NOW! But of course that would mean giving up those expensive permanent bases and that billion dollar embassy (and control over all that OIL). I do believe that I actually heard Hillary say today at her press conference that we should give up permanent bases. At least she mentioned the problem, unlike virtually everyone else who discusses the Iraqi "problem." Bush/Cheney will never give up their attempt to control the entire Middle East even though that will never happen even in a million years.

The Libby trial raises what I think is an interesting question. If it would prove to be impossible to select a jury that would admit to being so biased towards the present administration would the trial have to just be abandoned? This strikes me as a test case. Can there actually be enough jurors in Washington, D.C. for there to be a fair trial? Given the poll ratings of Bush, and especially Cheney, it would seem to me a virtually impossible task. Not that it may matter very much as Bush could simply pardon Libby after we wasted all the money on his case (I know there are some that say Bush wouldn't dare pardon him - but I wouldn't put anything past Bush/Cheney - anything at all).

To "surge" or not to surge, that is the question. Bush is going to surge no matter what. One of our Generals (Schoomaker, I think) testified there is a 50-50 chance of success. Personally I believe it is closer to 0-100 but what are a few more American lives worth anyway, just glorious martyrs for the Bush/Cheney psycho-socio-pathological plan to become emperors of the world. Its all in a day's work.

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