Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It doesn't look good for "Scooter" Libby. Both Ari Fleisher and Judith Miller have now testified quite clearly that he knew about Plame long before he claims to have heard about her from reporters. It looks like he may be going to the slammer. But, wait - Bush could always pardon him. What do you think would happen if Bush were to pardon him? Probably just a few yawns on the part of Democrats and added dimensions to the arrogance of the neocons (and Republicans in general). It has also become perfectly obvious that the whole disgusting mess originated in the office of the Vice President (Dick the Slimy). I guess Bush must have been really serious when he said if anyone in the White House leaked he wanted to know about it and would do something (remember that). Do you think Bush didn't know? Of course he knew and he's just as guilty as the rest of them. The damndest bunch of criminals and liars ever to inhabit our capital. Makes one right proud to be an Amurican with all them nukular bombs and overwhelming power. Oh, would someone explain to me that while we already have a defense and military budget larger than all the rest of the world combined, we need an additional 92,000 troops? Are we expecting an invasion from Mars or Venus? Will they be bringing tanks and aircraft carriers and stuff like that? Fact is, we don't need more troops, the military-industrial-political complex needs more troops. More troops, more money for things we don't need, more profit for the corporations that are running the show. Our military/defense budget can't really get more obscene or unnecessary than it is but don't bet Congress won't authorize it (they, of course, are part of the system). Helpless sigh here.

We live about 30 miles from Creston, B.C. We like to shop there sometimes, mostly for food. This is because we can find things there like veal, duck breasts, artic char, and many other things that just do not exist here in Bonners Ferry. However, as it stands at the moment, we cannot bring beef, including veal into the U.S. Mad Cow disease, you know. But Mad Cow disease is known not to occur in beef younger than about three years. Veal, by definition, has to be no more than at most, one year of age. Doesn't matter, we can't bring veal. We can't bring chicken or duck or fowl of any kind either. Avian virus or whatever it is. They have frozen duck legs and breasts which we could never find here but we can't bring them in. Of course there are thousands upon thousands of ducks and geese that fly in from Canada during hunting season, and they are hunted. There is no one standing by to warn you not to shoot these Canadian invaders. Nor does anyone tell you not to eat them (and I asssure you many people do eat them). I don't know if we could bring American beef or poultry into Canada. I asked my staff of researchers (Linda) to look into this but she has been too busy bringing the upstairs books downstairs and the downstairs books upstairs. We used to buy frozen rabbit in Creston, too, but for some reason we can't anymore. Perhaps there is some bizarre rabbit flu going around. More likely, the people who raised the rabbits got so fed up with the red tape they just said to hell with it. Does any of this make sense to you? While I am not certain of this I do believe that we can now bring in Canadian beef (on the hoof) again, but we still can't bring in steaks or chops or whatever. I have to remind you, IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!

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