Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are we getting anywhere?

Stuff seems to be happening. But are we getting anywhere? We know now that Libby lied and is guilty. Will he go to jail? Who knows? But we also know that Dick Cheney was behind the whole sordid, treasonous affair. But he isn't on trial. So are we getting anywhere? It also looks that quite likely Bush himself was involved. If this could be proven what, if anything, would happen? Does the fact that the highest levels of our administration are probably guilty of treason mean nothing? Is it going to be a case of "boys are just boys?" We also know that Bush/Cheney are guilty of multiple war crimes. The whole world knows. But nothing seems to be happening. We don't seem to be getting anywhere. Bush and Cheney just go on day after day giving speeches and spreading their lies endlessly and people seem to just accept this as normal. If we know they are lying as usual, and if we know they are guilty of terrible crimes, why isn't something being done about it? Oh, yeah, the nonbinding resolutions. I'm with John Edwards on this one. It's like a child standing in a corner stamping his/her feet (I'm certainly not with him when he says the most important thing in the world is to prevent Iran from having a bomb - the most important thing in the world at the moment is to get rid of Bush/Cheney and the neocons before it is too late). Even the Israelis know that the Iranians are intelligent, decent people, who are not going to drop a nuclear bomb on them even if they have one. Don't believe everything you hear about an Iranian threat to the world - you should worry a lot more about an American threat to the world).

Democrats are apparently too timid to cut off funds for the Iraq "war." They are afraid of being blamed if things go from bad to worse. There is a solution to this dilemna. An obvious one. One that should be taken right now. It is called impeachment. The Republicans should go to the White House en masse and inform the President and Vice President that if they do not resign they will be impeached. And if they refuse to resign they should be impeached. Given the multitude of their crimes it should only take a few days to present the case. We could get rid of this cancer that is the neocon mess and start afresh. If Nancy Pelosi would be acting President for a time, so be it. She couldn't possibly be as bad as Bush/Cheney.

Joe Biden announced his candidacy and then blew it on the same day. He still suffers from his usual foot in the mouth disease. I particularly liked it when he described Obama as "clean."
I guess the previous Black candidates for President must have been unclean. He also said that John Edwards doesn't know what he is talking about and Hillary's plan would be a disaster. He may well be right but I don't think he should have said so in quite that way. As he has no chance to get the nomination I don't know why we even have to bother about this. But, as usual, it's the American way.

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