Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Eureka Moment

I think I have had a true Eureka moment, or an epiphany, or some such thing. I have been pondering why it is the mysterious powers that be (or not so mysterious ones) believe that a businessman is best suited to become President of the United States when there is a clear case to be made against that idea. That is, businesses are run to make a profit, nations or governments are not. My breakthrough on this issue came to me quite suddenly when I finally realized the United States government is merely one part of a gigantic international cartel that in effect is now ruling the world for profit. If you first disabuse yourself of the old fashioned idea that the U.S. is a powerful independent sovereign democratic Republic (nation), dedicated to managing the affairs of some 300 plus millions of citizens, and understand that it is now just one more cog in an immense money-making international business, what is happening begins to make a modicum of sense.

Romney would be an ideal person to represent this cartel I shall henceforth refer to for convenience as World Incorporated (WI). This is because WI is the same type of vulture capitalism that Romney has successfully experienced and mastered, only on a much larger scale. Romney, as President, would simply be the corporate officer in charge of one of the many elements (the U.S.) under the control of WI, and as such would carry out whatever was needed to maximize the profit to be squeezed out of that element. Just as companies taken over by Bain Capital were dismembered and the parts sold off for profit, so different agencies standing in the way of corporate profits could be done away with in the U.S., the Departments of Education, Energy, and certainly the EPA. And any regulations that were hindering profits would likewise be eliminated. Of course the environment would be seriously endangered, global warming would be ignored, air and water would be at grave risk, but corporate profits would soar even above the obscene limits they have already reached. Thus, if this is the kind of economy you believe to be desirable, obviously an experienced businessman like Romney, interested solely in profit would be the most suitable and ideal candidate. The enormity of the profits potentially involved might be surmised by simply looking at the billions these corporations are willing to invest in a Romney Presidency. Powerful nation states have become obsolete with even the most powerful among them reduced to little more than banana republics.

The U.S., like all other nations, has become merely one element in World Incorporated. Our vast military power is used to ensure the safety and success of WI, to say nothing of the enormous profits constantly generated by the military/industrial/political complex that has been created. The so-called defense budget, virtually untouchable and bloated beyond belief, functions much more importantly to generate profit for the defense industry than it does for national defense. Would the U.S., if it was truly worried about defense, continue to be the largest purveyor of military arms and hardware to anyone willing to buy them? Control by the WI is the main reason there are now U.S. military bases all around the world, used to maintain control of the Middle East and all that oil, as well as myriad other natural resources required to maintain an advanced technological empire. Africa is now coming more and more into play so WI is expanding there while at the same time guarding against any nations still trying to maintain independence that might threaten to disrupt their growing empire. I suspect that whatever powers that be in other nations are being invited in and guaranteed a share in the profits. China and Iran may be the only remaining nations not completely controlled as yet by WI, but they probably eventually will be.

Mitt Romney, objectively viewed, is perhaps one of the worst candidates for the Presidency in history, given the presently existing conditions. He is a known liar, has no core values, is not very well liked by hardly anyone even in his own party, has refused to offer any substantial information about what his policies might be, is completely out of touch with the 99%, and clearly represents the billionaires that are throwing money into his campaign as if it were chickenfeed. He is literally the posterboy for the 1%. On top of that his feeble, fake presentation of self is so excruciatingly embarrassing it is painful to watch. A man who claims a $47,000 deduction for his wife’s dressage horse trying to pass himself of as just a regular guy elevates absurdity to previously unknown heights. The WI, however, doesn’t care about such things, or even how bad he is as a candidate. They will buy him the Presidency, or certainly try to do so, and he will do whatever they desire, the citizenry and the public good be damned.

You could argue, I suppose, that from the standpoint of world peace this world empire might be a good thing. But from the standpoint of planetary health, and the well-being of the ordinary people that have to live and try to survive on it, it will be an unmitigated disaster, perhaps eventually the last human disaster ever.

Do not seek evil gains; evil gains are the equivalent of disaster.


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Anonymous said...

Yup. Just like --Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism-- by Lenin, 1917 Here it comes.