Monday, June 04, 2012

It's Simple, Stupid

It’s simple, or so it seems to my apparently still child-like mind. Republicans have for the past three plus years deliberately, and even admittedly, sabotaged our economy, and now they want to be rewarded for having done so by being returned to power. They said they would not cooperate and have not. They have blocked every attempt by President Obama to improve employment and the economy, and having done so they are now blaming him for having failed, accusations so hypocritical as to be unprecedented in the annals of hypocrisy.

What is worse, it appears they may even be getting away with this fantastic scam, or so it would appear from the polls. How the race between Obama and Romney could be considered to be so close, even a “nail-biter” according to some, is beyond my ability to comprehend. If the facts of Republican intransigence are not enough, they are running as their candidate a Mormon who is quite obviously one of the most blatant liars on the planet earth, a candidate that even they did not wish to have. Yes, it is true unemployment is far worse than it should be, and it is also true the economy is worse than sluggish (at least for everyone but Wall Street), but the reasons for this are quite clear – Republicans, Republicans, Republicans. Their solution to our more than merely serious problems is to destroy Obama by forcing him to fail and then replacing him with people that will return us to the disastrous Bush/Cheney policies that got us into this horrible mess in the first place. It all seems so obvious and simple to me I cannot understand how it possibly cannot be obvious to others although it is apparently not.

The vote tomorrow in Wisconsin is probably the most important vote ever for several reasons. First, it will determine if unions have much of a future. Second, it will test whether money is sufficient to buy the outcome of elections, third, and I think most important, it will determine whether we will have a fascist state or a democracy. Remember, fascism is a situation in which government and corporations blend together to take over power. Is that not what is in the offing in the present circumstances? Corporate money has been flowing into Wisconsin in unprecedented amounts allowing Governor Walker to outspend the people by at least probably seven to one. If he is ousted in spite of this financial support it will indicate that the people still have a chance when it comes to running their government. Perhaps it might even persuade those with unlimited funds there is more to politics than money.

I would have thought it impossible for anyone to lie as frequently and consistently as Bush/Cheney. After all, when you lie all the time it’s hard to see how such a record can be beaten. Romney is thus apparently trying to do the impossible. He’s making a brave attempt but it is impossible to break a perfect record. It appears now that lying is no longer considered important when it comes to American politics. Everyone knows that politicians lie, but always before they only lied part of the time. Bush/Cheney managed to change that, thus setting a precedent for Romney. I would have thought Mormonism, like most religions, would abhor lying, but apparently not as they apparently wholeheartedly support him. “Do not bear false witness” has been suspended, at least when it comes to President Obama (he’s Black, you know).

Do not be surprised as the waters rise, the hurricanes and tornadoes multiply, drought becomes worse, wildfires become commonplace, and polar bears disappear. It’s merely God’s punishment for our sins: allowing Gays and Lesbians to marry, separating church from state, letting children eat healthy meals, going to decent schools, feeding the poor and homeless, looking after our seniors, wanting to pay living wages, and worse of all, wanting to vote. Not to worry, Republicans will fix things after they get rid of that Black socialist/Muslim/Kenyan/communist/anti-American/anti-Christ imposter who has no business in the White House presiding while Black. Vote for Romney, all your troubles will disappear in a cloud of dust and a hearty, Hi-ho Silver. Who will he pick for his Tonto? Stay tuned.

“Nothing is as dead as the day before yesterday.”

W. Somerset Maugham

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