Wednesday, February 01, 2012


It appears that SuperMitt from the Planet of Opulence has now arrived and will lead the Republican Party to heights of success never before attained by mortals. After hearing his speech upon winning in Florida it seems there is nothing Mitt will not be able to do. He will create jobs for all, do away with “Obamacare,” veto the Dream Act, replace America to its former dominance, force the rest of the world to acknowledge American superiority, increase the military, and blah, blah, blah. When he reached the point of leaping tall buildings at a single bound I stopped listening. Does he really believe all this nonsense? I rather doubt it. It just goes along with his willingness to say anything at all to get the nomination. If, strangely, he does believe what he is saying, he will certainly get a rude comeuppance if he ever does get elected to the Presidency. His claims are so outrageously impossible he will make Obama look like the most honest candidate ever.

Romney, in my opinion, suffers from the most appalling ignorance. He’s not a stupid man, and he was a successful businessman, he just is ignorant of what American life is like for anyone other than the unusually wealthy. This might not be quite so bad if he would not pretend otherwise, if he would stop pretending to be someone he is demonstrably not. This can be seen repeatedly in his various statements having to do with our current problems, statements that are so out of touch with reality they display his ignorance. For example, his claim at one point that he, too, is unemployed. Also in his statement that the $375,000 he received in speaking fees in one year was “not much.” Then his infamous claim that corporations are people, he once feared getting pink slips, he likes firing people, and he is familiar with “the streets.” He obviously tries very hard to be “one of us,” a “regular guy,” but is so obviously not it is actually painful to hear. There are also his famous remarks about letting Detroit go bankrupt, letting the foreclosures go forward until the end, and so on. He seems to have no idea of how anyone lives, or even how the country operates, independent of his beliefs about naked capitalism and cutthroat business. He thinks because he was a private capitalist, a successful businessman, he is eminently qualified to run the United States. I suspect the contrary is true, a nation is not a business, is not subject to the same rules, does not exist merely to make a profit, cannot always have a balanced budget, and cannot treat its citizens and public lands as merely commodities. It is true that Romney was also a Governor, but State Governments have very different budgetary systems than the Federal Government, especially when it comes to balanced budgets.

The latest indication of his ignorance came just now when he announced that he was not concerned about the poor, because they have a safety net, and he was not concerned with the wealthy, because they are doing just fine, but, rather, was concerned about the middle class. Aside from the fact that his claims are nothing but obvious lies, as he is proposing things that would take away the safety net (which isn’t much to begin with), and wants to decrease taxes on the already filthy wealthy, I doubt he is even much aware of the middle class and their problems. I think he has heard Obama and others speak about the middle class and that something needs to be done for them, so has concluded that would be a good thing to mention. He is no more concerned with the middle class than he is with the poor, and he is certainly concerned about the wealthy. In any case, Romney changes his positions whenever he feels it is advantageous to do so and, like all Republicans, cannot be trusted.

Grover Norquist, that paragon of treasonous fiscal insanity, has now claimed that if Obama does not allow the ridiculous Bush tax breaks for the wealthy to continue he will be impeached. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he may be saying this merely as an idle threat that he knows has no substance. Certainly it would be the first time in history a President was impeached for disagreeing with a private subject or members of Congress. It appears to me the Republicans are becoming more and more desperate and are now willing to go even further in their disrespect for the President. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that racism is playing a very important part in our politics at the moment. Obama, objectively viewed, has done nothing to bring on the hatred Republicans are now feeling towards him. He has in many ways been a successful first term President, has a string of positive accomplishments, is not even remotely any of the things he is accused of being: socialist, communist, Kenyan, non citizen, weak, incompetent, or whatever. If a White President had accomplished exactly what Obama has do you think he would be so hated? Of course not, but Obama is Black and making a mockery of everything they believe about Black people, and as such is a prime target for their racial hatred.

The hatred you're carrying is a live coal in your heart - far more damaging to yourself than to them.

Lawana Blackwell

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