Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Romney/Christie 2012?

I know, I know, it is probably too premature to predict the Republican ticket for 2012, but I suspect the race is over. I know that Christie said Romney had made him no promise of the V-P position, but if the Fat Man doesn’t appear on the ticket I will not only be surprised but downright flabbergasted. It would be a “marriage made in heaven,” as well as probably the only realistic challenge to Obama. Tea Party people and Evangelicals do not like Romney but they love Christie and want to win. And, while they failed to get Christie to run for President they would now have the next big thing. They can also conclude that Romney can’t be all bad if he agrees to Christie as a running mate. Christie has repeatedly said he is not ready to run for President, but what better way to get ready than to be Vice President for a time? Romney claims he and Christie are “good friends.” Maybe they are, but it wouldn’t matter to Romney who wants to be President so badly he would run with the Devil himself if he thought it would help. It is also common knowledge that Romney is the one candidate Obama would prefer not to run against, now he would have to run against both Romney and Christie. While I wouldn’t stake my life on it, I’m reasonably certain it will be “Mitt” and “New Jersey Fats.” Given the apparent idiocy and ignorance of the other Republican candidates, as expressed in their recent “debates,” there is no way Romney could not look far superior. Like we say, “In the land of the blind even a one-eyed person…,” or “Even a blind dog finds a bone once in a while,” and etc. I cannot imagine any of the other candidates seriously challenging any longer for the nomination (thank god). If Romney/Christie do run and win you can expect more “wars,” more money for the Military/Industrial/Political complex, more unemployment, more breaks for the wealthy and the corporations, more attacks on abortion and Planned Parenthood, Social Security, Medicare, in short, nothing much will change from previous Republican administrations. The implications of Romney’s vow to “Make America the strongest nation in the world” I regard as a clear and frightening warning of worse things to come.

It seems the “Let’s go to war with Iran” fanatics are at it again. Apparently not content with entrapping a few “terrorists” here and there to prove how diligent they are in protecting us they have now decided to up the ante a bit and go after Iran. I do not believe the Iranian leadership had anything whatsoever to do with the supposed plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in the United States. First, I cannot believe the Iranian secret service is so inept or stupid they would hatch a cockamamie plot involving Mexican drug gangs bombing a restaurant to kill the Saudi Ambassador. Second, I cannot understand why they would single out an Ambassador as Ambassadors have little power over anything and merely carry out orders given them, not much of a reason for assassinating them. Of course after the initial announcement of the plot the Israeli embassy was added to the plot, everyone knows the Iranians are targeting Israel, just waiting to get the big bomb and immediately destroy them (in an apparent act of national suicide). Perhaps there really was a plot, perhaps it was even hatched without the collaboration of the FBI or CIA, but it appears to me if there was anything it must have been a couple of idiots acting pretty much on their own (and probably goaded on by the CIA). I’m sorry to be so suspicious but after all I have learned in recent years I no longer trust anyone, especially the U.S. secret forces. There clearly are those, encouraged by the paranoid Israelis, who are dying to go to war against Iran, undoubtedly one of the most boneheaded schemes since Iraq.

Please, do we really have to endure any more Republican “debates?” I mean, really, what can anyone expect that we do not already know? It’s like watching seven morons vying with each other to see who can tell the biggest lie or say the most negative thing about President Obama. The format is not useful as all you can expect from each of the candidates is a sound bite or two, almost all of the candidates have absolutely no chance of ever getting the nomination and appear, I guess, because they like the sound of their own voices and have egos that blind them to reality. In order to get any attention at all they have to say something shocking, inane, or completely dishonest. Does anyone believe that Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, Paul, or Gingrich have any chance at all? Why do we have to even listen to them when it is such an obvious waste of time and none of them have anything to add to the “debate” after “lower taxes and eliminate regulations?” I suppose it doesn’t matter much as the entire U.S. system of elections has become so absurd it is nothing but a joke and essentially just another long running Soap Opera. Two years of campaigning, probably now a solid year of voting, more than a billion wasted dollars, all to eventually select one of two basically similar politicians offered by the elites who control the process. It’s a scam concealed in a sham orchestrated by the shameless to protect the nameless.

“The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.” (I hope, M)

Sir Winston Churchill

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