Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oblivious, Stupid, Perverse, Crazy, Evil, or What?

Would someone please explain to me what the hell Republicans are doing, I confess I simply cannot understand their behavior. Is this because I am smart and they are dumb, or is it that they are smart and I am dumb? I find their behavior so bizarre as to be inexplicable. The number one priority of the majority of citizens, and the Democratic party has to do with jobs. Republicans ran on a program of creating jobs in 2010. Since that time, after they won a majority in the House, they have done nothing about jobs, absolutely nothing, no jobs bills, no attention to jobs, and have also blocked every attempt by President Obama to do something about the problem. Now they voted, not against Obama’s perfectly reasonable jobs bill, but against even discussing it, and having done so they immediately turned their attention to still another anti-abortion bill, as if jobs were simply a non issue. This was not merely an anti-abortion bill, it’s a bill that would deny emergency health care to potentially dying women! I cannot understand what they hope to gain by this. It makes no sense, either practically, morally, or politically. Can they really be stupid enough to believe this will get them votes in 2012? Are they oblivious to the priorities of the voting public? Did they do it just to be perverse? Perhaps they really are just plain crazy? Or do they, somehow think this will help them unseat Obama in 2012? I suppose maybe they did it to distract attention from their complete lack of attention to the issue of jobs. I don’t like to think they are just evil people but I cannot dismiss that as a possibility. In any case I find it so bizarre I tend to think maybe they are just plain crazy. It seems to me it is rather like deliberately sticking a poker in the eyes of the electorate and then asking them to vote for them. But what do I know? Nothing it appears.

On the basis of a recent poll it appears Herman Cain is leading all other candidates in the race for the Republican nomination, including Romney. The media spent a great deal of time on this somewhat startling development today, along with a focus on his famous 9-9-9 plan. This is a plan so obviously awful, especially in the present context of economic problems, it is little more than laughable. Naturally the Tea Party seems to like it and, I gather so do the Koch brothers and other criminal elements. As far as I can tell even the other candidates think it little more than a joke, but apparently this will not spare us endless hours of hearing about it (anything to keep us from hearing or talking about anything really serious, like jobs). The only thing I heard in defense of Cain is that he is “likeable.” Watch out if they decide he’s the kind of guy they would like to have a beer with.

I guess what’s-his-face, oh yeah, Rick Perry, has pretty much imploded, as has Bachmann, the con artist from Alaska was never really in it, Christie will probably run for Vice-President, Newt (The Hypocrite) Gingrich has never been in the race for anything except hearing the sound of his own voice and keeps babbling on, Santorum and Huntsman can’t seem to gain much traction, and Ron Paul, well, he’s just Ron Paul. Seriously, I can’t see how it can be anyone except Romney (with or without Christie) unless some unknown candidate from a mysterious planet flies in at the last minute on a flying saucer. No one on the Democratic side is going to challenge Obama, or so it appears, no third party candidate is in sight, so the stage is already set (unless Obama replaces Biden which I doubt) for another choice between the two candidates offered us by the powers that be. You had better “gird your loins” because you are going to have to put up with an enormous amount of bullshit for more than a year. We are not a serious country, if we were we would not tolerate this totally absurd procedure for a moment longer.

Yes, it’s true World War II helped us out of the depression. Going to war with Iran is not going to help us avoid one now, so forget it. Two or three or four or however many we are actually engaged in at the moment should be quite enough to insure our demise as a major power, we’ll have to at least pause for a time to shut down our empire and pay off our debts. Happy days are not here again, are not going to be here again, in fact they are over. Get used to it.

America has never been an empire. We may be the only great power in history that had the chance, and refused – preferring greatness to power and justice to glory. (And complete hogwash to truth, M.)

George W. Bush

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